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Half Marathon Pace Chart: Free Downloads for Every Pace & Finish Time

Finishing a half marathon is no easy task. Even after months of training, sticking to your goal pace on race day can be challenging without guidance. Using a half marathon pace chart along the course is a great way to nail your finish time.

Between a crowded course, water stations and the distraction of spectators, calculating your splits mid-run often gets pushed to the back burner. Using a half marathon time chart is a great way to ensure you stay on track and always know how to adjust to hit your goal finish time.

What should my half marathon pace be?

Many runners wonder what a good half marathon time is, and unfortunately, the answer varies quite a bit. Determining your half marathon pace involves quite a few factors: age, fitness, training, weather, and so much more.

If you’ve finished a half marathon before, you can use this time to set a goal for the next one. Select a half marathon pace chart based on a finish time that is similar to the one which you have already completed.

If this will be your first half marathon, it’s always best to start with an easy pace on race day – one at which you can maintain a conversation.

How to Use a Half Marathon Pace Chart

Fortunately, using a half marathon pace chart is very straightforward. Select your goal time and simply follow along each mile on race day. Check your overall time as you finish each mile and adjust your speed based on whether you are ahead, behind or right on track.

Half marathon pace charts provide helpful guidance as we create or find a training plan. Setting a finish goal will help determine the pace you will need to maintain each mile. On race day, you can evaluate your progress each mile by checking how close you are to this pace.

If you already know your regular running pace, simply download the half marathon pace chart for your pace and you’ll have an idea of your estimated finish time.

Download any or all of the half marathon pace charts below! Use them during training, on race day and when planning a strategy for the course.

Half Marathon Pace Chart and Finish Time Calculators

Select a half marathon time chart that most closely matches your goal finish time below. Each chart provides every mile split during the 13.1 mile distance. Discover the average pace in mph that you’ll need to run to meet your finish goal, as well as the elapsed time for each mile marker.

Half Marathon Pace Chart by Finish Time


Half Marathon Pace Chart by Running Pace

If you don’t have a specific finish goal in mind already, you can use your average running pace to determine about how long it will take you to complete 13.1 miles.

Check out the estimated finish time for each running pace, from 5:00 to 14:00 minutes per mile. Once you find your finish time, you can download the corresponding half marathon pace chart.

Download a half marathon pace chart to stay on track during race day and during training! Browse these free pace charts for running paces from 5:00 – 14:00 minutes per mile. #halfmarathonpacechart #halfmarathonpace #halfmarathontraining

Download the Half Marathon Time Chart here!

A half marathon pace chart can provide beneficial guidance on race day. Don’t let the energy of the course or chaos of the crowds keep you from meeting your time goals.

Whether this is your first half marathon or you are hoping for a PR, these time charts are a great step towards meeting your goals.

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