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I Saw the Sunshine!

Well it sure is hard to believe we are one month into 2017 already, but I guess it’s time to say hello to February! February started off very quietly and now all of a sudden we are 4 days in.  January was a successful month for me – I completed every single workout on my training plan for the first time ever! I don’t think I’ve ever done every cross training workout that was listed but it sure felt good to check those off. February has not been quite as successful so far! We had a snow day on Tuesday and I chickened out and decided to do my indoor IronStrength workout instead of running in the snow. While doing a kick out on one of the burpees, I pulled a muscle in my back which sure knocked me out quickly.

It’s funny how easy it is to take your muscles for granted until you hurt one of them and all of a sudden can’t move anything ;). This was definitely the case for my back – I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday walking with a hunch back and struggling to sit, stand, lay down and just turn over in bed! I ended up taking rest days on Wednesday and Thursday to heal. Friday I was good to go again but had missed two of my runs and wasn’t able to get a run in since it was dark when I got home. I ended up doing my Kayla Itsine’s Week 9 workout and trying to simulate 9 x 400s on my spin bike. I decided that the closest thing to these intervals was to sprint on the bike for 2 minutes and 10 seconds (the average time it takes me to do a 400) with a 1 minute recovery. This worked relatively well, but didn’t get my heart rate up nearly as high as running.

Today I just finished my 10 mile run outside with the sun shining! We have some snow on the ground from earlier this week, and boy was it cold out there (10 degrees), but it sure felt nice to see that sun! This run was pretty slow but not too bad. I ended up running a little over a mile long loop 9 times to get my miles in.

After having such a great start to 2017 it is tough to miss some workouts this week, but I am working on cutting myself some slack and leaving those days in the past. As long as I don’t let it become a habit (and let me tell you it sure is easier to skip workouts once you have missed some already), then I will count it as recovery and move on!

We got some new mint meltaway ice cream on Tuesday and I’m slightly proud to say that i was finished off last night. We have to buy a new carton of ice cream about every 4 days but it sure is a good motivator to keep running. Now we just got to take home the extra donuts leftover from some marching band practice this morning, so Sunday breakfast will be brought to a new level of deliciousness tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, get some miles and some treats in!!