New Race Goals + Marathon Training Recap: Week 1

Back in January, I set some running goals for 2018. Nothing leaves me feeling more excited or motivated than making some big running plans for a fresh, new year. After running the New York City Marathon last November, I took a few months off to recover and decide what I wanted to do next. I decided to train for some mid-distance races in the spring, and completed the Fifth Third Riverbank 25k as well as the Bayshore Half Marathon in May.

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No matter how many times I tell myself that I’d like to stick to shorter distances and try to get a PR, I always find myself back at the marathon distance. I’ve gotten into a pretty good system of running a full in the fall each year, and I decided that this year would be no different.

After originally hoping to run the Marine Corps Marathon, I found out that I did not get selected from the lottery. I took the fact that I wasn’t too disappointed as a sign, and looked around for some marathon options that are closer to home. After a great deal of consideration, I signed up for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, which takes place the first weekend of November this fall.

While that sounds incredibly far away, I know it will be here before I know it. I love my 20 week marathon training plans because they give me a little wiggle room for some cut back weeks when I need them, and will definitely be sticking to that plan again this time around.

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It sounds crazy to say, but November is officially 20 weeks away, which means that week 1 of marathon training took place this past week! After signing up for the race a few weeks ago, I felt so much excitement and just couldn’t wait to get started. This week had other plans for me though, and I wound up sick on the couch for a few days making week 1 considerably less exciting than I had hoped. Here is my week 1 marathon training recap.

Indianapolis Marathon Training Recap: Week 1

Monday, 6/18 – Strength Workout

I planned to start my week out with a run, and summer weather was in full force. I spent the morning helping out my husband at his marching band rehearsal, which meant that an afternoon or evening run would have to take place. After spending the morning outside in the heat the last thing I wanted to do was run in the sun with a real feel temp over 100 degrees. I decided to complete my strength workout today instead! There were quite a few weeks spots now after a month or so off from strength training, so I can’t wait to get back at it on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 6/19 – 3 miles

I was feeling less than motivated today and not quite right, but decided to head out for my first run of marathon training anyways. I powered through 3 miles, all the while telling myself to quit being a baby and just finish it. Turns out I should have stayed in, because just a few hours after finishing the run I developed a 101 degree fever and was on the couch for the rest of the day.

Marathon training is my favorite season and I'm excited to get back to it today. Here is my week 1 marathon training recap for the Indianapolis Marathon!

Wednesday, 6/20 – Rest

There was a run scheduled today, but my body was definitely not up to it. My body ached from the fever and just rolling over on the couch was quite a process. I’m not sure whether I came down with a short bout of some flu like illness, or if this was a flare from the autoimmune disease I am still trying to sort out. Either way, it was not fun.

Thursday, 6/21 – Rest

Although I was feeling better today, I still wasn’t 100% recovered and the last thing I wanted to do was start off marathon training by creating a prolonged illness. I decided to sit it out for one more day to be on the safe side.

Friday, 6/22 – 3 miles

It rained all day long but I was feeling better and decided to give running a try! The rain was relatively warm so running in it didn’t feel bad. This run was pretty slow but it felt great and recovery went along as normal. I was happy to be back on track with training!

Saturday, 6/23 – 6 miles

This training plan starts out nice an easy, so 6 miles was on the schedule for the first “long run”. It was nice to get back in the groove of heading out for Saturday long runs. I was excited that my body felt fine and that it looks like whatever illness I had earlier in the week is gone! This run was a slow one, but an easy one.

Marathon training is my favorite season and I'm excited to get back to it today. Here is my week 1 marathon training recap for the Indianapolis Marathon!

Sunday, 6/24 – Rest

Week 1 is always an exciting time, and usually leaves me wishing I could increase my mileage much quicker. It’s always strange to say you’re training for a marathon when you’ve only been running single digit mileage. Despite the mid-week illness, this week was the beginning of a great transition from the break I’ve been taking to recover from the 25k and half marathon back to long distance training.

I am running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Chicago in just a few weeks, on July 22nd. The plan is to treat this race as a training run for the fall marathon, and I intend to enjoy every bit of it. Here’s to a new season of marathon training and summer running!

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