Little Things I Love Each Day

Happy Friday! I can’t believe we are at the end of the first week of October already!

I look forward to Fridays all week long, and it seems to me that there is no better day to celebrate the little things in life than a Friday. My life this year is so different than October of last year, and always end the day thinking through all the little things that I am grateful for.

To celebrate the end of the week, I wanted to share my 10 current obsessions, aka those little things that make me excited to wake up each morning!

  1. Tea! More specifically – Chai Tea. I have been having a 16oz cup of this tea every morning and I am loving it. I look forward to getting out of bed each morning just to drink this. Not to mention it smells like Christmas, which just instantly makes me happy.Chai-tea
  2. My new list notebook. I know it seems ridiculously type A, but I just love my lists. In an effort to reduce my screen time and my obsession with my phone, I switched form keeping my to do lists on my phone notepad to an actual physical notepad and it has made a world of a difference. I used to write out my daily to do lists on my phone notepad religiously, and found myself checking and updating them constantly. I could never be without my phone because I always needed my lists nearby. This new system has worked wonders:)To-do-list-notebook
  3. Cooking! I am surprising myself with this one, considering how much I loved that my husband cooked dinner during the weeks last year. However, I am actually loving having the time to try out new recipes and getting dinner ready for him when he comes home. Some of our favorites this week have been Chicken Fajitas and Cheddar Ranch Chicken Pasta. Mmmm.
  4. Caramel apples! We went to a corn maze last week and picked up some goodies at their shop before we left. I bought a couple caramel apples and this M&M one was everything I’d ever wanted. I will definitely be back to get this again! The apple was absolutely perfect and I didn’t even feel like I needed to eat the whole thing in one setting because the caramel was so rich.Caramel-apple.jpg
  5. These pumpkin cookies. We only have a few left but I have been enjoying one (at the least) every day. I will be sad to see them go but I guess that means I need to bake something else!Pumpkin-cookies
  6. Fall running – the temperatures, leaves and darker runs. I ran in the evening before dinner on Wednesday and was reminded how much I love running at dusk! There is something about seeing all the leaves and the sun setting that makes me excited for all of the seasonal activities that are to come.Fall-running-colors
  7. My old ‘pain is temporary’ bracelet. I love this saying and I love wearing it every day as a constant reminder. It is especially relevant in running when our bodies start to protest, but it just reminds me that the end result is worth the pain. It is impossible to grow if we don’t conquer obstacles!Pain-is-temporary-bracelet
  8. Hot chocolate:) it may be too early (okay, probably at least too early for the Christmas cup), but I just couldn’t resist! Cooler, dark evenings have me ready to pull out our Christmas tree already!Hot-chocolate-and-marshmallows
  9. Football! We (well mostly my husband, but I play along) are huge Steeler fans. I really have no idea why, but his entire family has always loved the Steelers even though they have no connection to Pittsburgh whatsoever. We’ve made a point of watching every game so far this season, as well as our alma mater – Western Michigan – on Saturday. Football is so much more interesting when you are following a team that you care about (and are actually paying attention to the game;).Pittsburgh-Steelers-football.jpg
  10. Weekly date nights. Our date night tonight will be carving the pumpkins we picked up last week! It’s probably still a little early, but that just means we’ll have to go back and get some more before Halloween:). I have been enjoying trying to come up with creative dates each week!Carving-pumpkins.jpg

Looking through my pictures of these things gets me even more excited for the weekend and the next few weeks as the seasons change. When things start to feel mundane and monotonous, I love picking out the little things each day that make it worth getting up in the morning. I often surprise myself with how much I take for granted during the grind of the work week!

Happy Friday, I hope you have some excited plans to kick start your weekend!

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