Marathon Training Recap: Week 10

This past week of marathon training was a very challenging one! We finally closed on our house and moved all of our things across the state. We spent Monday and Tuesday wrapping up all the closing details and spending the night in our house for the first time. Thursday and Friday were spent helping the movers load and unload our things, and the weekend was taken up with tons of unpacking.

Busy times like these make fitting in runs very challenging. Running suddenly feels much less like a priority when you are surrounded with boxes and clutter. However, these busy times are when running really has the most benefits. The days where I was able to fit in my workouts were the days that I was most productive!

After many weeks of trying to rearrange training runs, I am happy to finally be done with the scheduling craziness. I’m glad I was able to fit in most of my workouts this week, and excited for the upcoming weeks of training. Here is how marathon training went during week 10!

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Indianapolis Marathon Training Recap: Week 10

Monday, 8/20 – Yoga

Another week of living out of a suitcase meant another week with no yoga DVDs! I completed my usual routine on my own without the DVD and found that it was still really helpful. Starting the week off with a yoga workout really helps calm my mind and take a little of the edge off of Monday. These yoga poses have been game changing with my training!

Check out the yoga poses here!

Tuesday, 8/21 – Rest

I had a 4 mile run planned, but with closing on our house and spending our first night there cleaning everything, my run took a place on the back burner. I finally decided to skip the run and just move on!

Wednesday, 8/22 – 8 miles (5 x 400s)

This was my first run in our new neighborhood! I was so happy to discover that I could run the entire distance through the neighborhoods without having to cross any streets or encounter any traffic. These intervals felt much like all the previous ones – like a big struggle for the first minute or so, and then very manageable once my body settled in to the faster pace.

I was a little disappointed to return home and realize I had programmed the wrong workout into my watch – it was supposed to be 5 x 800s rather than 5 x 400s, but oh well. These 8 miles flew by and felt like a much shorter run!

Marathon training is my favorite season and I'm excited to get back to it today. Here is my week 10 marathon training recap for the Indianapolis Marathon!

Thursday, 8/23 – Rest

Another rest day in the middle of the week. I wasn’t completely sure what the day would bring with the movers loading up all of our things, but didn’t expect to be able to fit in a workout anyways.

Friday, 8/24 – Strength Workout

After the movers unloaded all of our things, my husband and I got our living room all unpacked and I was able to complete my usual strength workout. I still hadn’t unpacked my workout equipment so I didn’t get to do any of the dumbbell moves, but fit the rest of the bodyweight exercises in. I was surprised that all of these exercises still felt just as easy even after missing a week of strength!

Check out the strength workout here!

Saturday, 8/25 – 7 miles (2 @ race pace)

My “long run” workout for the week. This marathon training plan is quite different than ones I have followed in the past, because pretty much every other week is a shorter long run. Even so, the overall weekly mileage remains about the same since the mid-week runs are a bit longer. This shorter run couldn’t have come at a better time!

I completed this run around our neighborhoods again, and about 3 miles before the end it started down pouring. It’s been a long time since I’ve run in rains that were this intense! When I was running into the wind I could barely open my eyes. It was tempting to cut it short since I was close to my house, but I’m glad I stuck it out. The race pace miles felt great and I’m excited to keep up the speed work!

Marathon training is my favorite season and I'm excited to get back to it today. Here is my week 10 marathon training recap for the Indianapolis Marathon!

Sunday, 8/26 – 5 miles

This run was HUMID. My weather app was telling me that there was 98% humidity outside but I didn’t believe it until we opened the door! I ran with my mom in our new neighborhood and it was fun to explore a bit. After a lack of stretching the day before, I was happy with how pain free this run felt.

Marathon training is my favorite season and I'm excited to get back to it today. Here is my week 10 marathon training recap for the Indianapolis Marathon!

The past week definitely brought about some scheduling challenges, and I am so excited to finally feel a little settled! Next week will be the start of a new phase in training – in a new location and over the halfway point. There are officially 9 weeks to go until race day! The second half of training is always my favorite and I can’t wait to get started.

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