Marathon Training Recap: Week 20 + RACE DAY!

When this post goes live, I’ll be standing in the starting corral ready to begin the marathon! It’s crazy how quickly 5 months goes by when you are training for a race. At first glance of a training plan, the final long run distances sound nearly impossible. But I love how everything is broken down into manageable chunks, and before you know it you find yourself doing what you thought would be impossible.

The final week of taper is always filled with millions of emotions, and this week was no different. After so much excitement and nerves this past week I am more than ready for race day! A great deal of this past week was spent on the couch, fitting in extra relaxation. I’ve researched this race so much that I can tell you every single detail about the course and schedule, and I can’t wait to complete it.

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With all that being said, here is the final marathon training recap post of the season. Today is race day and I am excited to give it my all! The marathon really takes everything from us, but someone leaves us better than when we started. No matter what happens along the way, I can’t wait to cross the finish line!

Indianapolis Marathon Training Recap: Week 20

Monday, 10/29 – Yoga

I woke up on Monday feeling absolutely awful, with a headache, sore throat and body aches all over. I immediately started thinking about the worst case scenario, googling local marathons taking place throughout November in case I came down with the flu and was unable to run the race on Saturday.

After about an hour of self pity, I decided that I was going to do my best to recover quickly and change my mindset. I am such a strong believer that our minds play a huge role in how our bodies feel, but sometimes utilizing this is easier said than done. I drank a bunch of OJ (vitamin C never fails me!), took a hot bath, did some yoga, stretching, and foam rolling, and with the help of ibuprofen I felt a million times better by the afternoon.

This day was a turning point in taper that I desperately needed! The yoga routine was a bit tricky as I was unable to fully bend my wrists or extend my arms, but I made slight modifications and it worked out. Yoga never fails to make me feel better during training, and it was certainly needed today!

Check out the yoga poses here!

Tuesday, 10/30 –  5 miles with 6 x 400s

I woke up on Tuesday feeling almost 100% better and eager to fit in the last speed workout of the training plan. These intervals gave me a boost of confidence as I hit all the splits exactly as I’d hoped. I spent the run dreaming of crossing the finish line and envisioning the pain that I will (willingly) endure to make that happen.

Race week brings the final runs of taper and this training season. Check out the final marathon training recap before race day!

You can learn more about goal paces and workouts in this training plan: Break 4:30 Marathon Training Plan

Wednesday, 10/31 – Rest

It was weird having a rest day in the middle of the week! I spent the extra time reading through my training log and completing these foam roller exercises.

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Thursday, 11/1 – 3 miles

It rained all day on Thursday so I had no option but to get wet on this run. These 3 miles went by quickly and were a great excuse to get some fresh air, relieve some anxiety and loosen up my legs. I love the last few taper runs that feel so short after the lengthy mid-week runs throughout training! This run was easy and slow, exactly as it should be. I spent the time enjoying the beautiful fall colors.

Friday, 11/2 – Rest

Drove the 5 hours to Indianapolis and worried about how our puppy would handle daycare the entire time, haha. My parents met me halfway and were able to come along! This was especially nice because my husband found out last week that his school football team (he is a high school band teacher) would have a playoff game this weekend and the band was expected to go – meaning that he will not be able to make the trip to Indianapolis with me this weekend.

Once we got to Indianapolis we visited the expo, checked into our hotel and then headed out for some dinner! I made the mistake in NYC last year of walking around way too much the day before the race, and definitely suffered during the marathon.

This year I wanted to make a point of staying off my feet as much as possible, stretching them out after travel, and spending time fueling with a carb filled dinner. I am happy that things seemed to go more smoothly this time, and it really helped ease the nerves having a low key day.

Saturday, 11/3 – RACE DAY! 26.2 miles

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon – here we go!

Sunday, 11/4 – REST

In just a few hours the marathon will be complete and recovery will begin! As much as I love marathon training, the first few days of recovery post-marathon are incredibly satisfying (and a little painful, haha). I love using those days to come up with a new running plan for the winter and evaluate what went well and what didn’t during the race.

I plan to take two full weeks off from running after this marathon, and will return with by running a chocolate themed 10k with my husband 2 weeks post-race. I can’t wait! Good luck to everyone running their fall goal races today and those running New York City tomorrow!

Happy running!

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    1. Thanks so much Cheryl!! It went really well and I finally got my PR! I’ll be posting a recap tomorrow ?

    1. Thanks so much Joan!! The race was wonderful and I finally got a PR!??? I’ll be posting a recap tomorrow!

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