Marathon Training – Week 20 Recap + RACE DAY!!

Whenever I start training for a marathon, it just feels like race day will never get here. Looking through the training plan feels overwhelming and long. Even still, each time I train for a big race, I find myself wondering how in the world time passed so quickly. Race week approaches at lightening speed and suddenly I am packing for race day!

This past week has brought along many emotions as I prepared myself to run the New York City Marathon. It still doesn’t seem real that we are in NYC, holding my race bib, and walking through the city. Time has flown by while training, just as I knew it would. With all that being said, I want to share my FINAL marathon training recap. This past week was one of taper leading up to the race, and was pretty laid back. My feet were hurting in the beginning of the week, so I scaled back my runs even more than I had planned, but I am still feeling confident heading into the race.

NYC Marathon Training – Week 20

Monday: 0.5 miles and yoga. I planned to run 4 miles, and set out on my run with that in mind. As soon as I started running, the tops of my feet really started hurting and the pain didn’t lessen as I kept going. I decided that I didn’t want to risk injuring anything or just making them hurt even more, so I looped around our block and decided to do yoga instead. I did my usual yoga, which went well, and hoped that after a day off my feet would be back to normal!

Marathon Training Yoga

Tuesday: Strength workout. Completed my normal strength workout minus the dumbbell moves because I couldn’t bend my left elbow all the way. These moves felt just like normal and the entire time I kept reminding myself that this is my last strength workout of marathon training!

Wednesday: 3 miles. This was a great run and I am SO glad that I cut my run short on Monday! My foot felt about 85% better and I think it will get even stronger with more rest days leading up to the race. I love how marathon training really helps you appreciate the shorter runs – this run felt like it was done in the blink of an eye!

Thursday: 3 miles. It was so much warmer today and I actually found myself missing the cold! The weather this morning was similar to the forecast for the morning of race day in nyc, so it was nice to get a feel for that temperature. This run felt easy and short! Officially the last run before the marathon!

Friday: Rest. We flew to New York City and went to see a Broadway show in the evening. This was absolutely the best way to start our long weekend in NYC!

Saturday: Rest. We visited the expo and walked around Central Park today! I’ll consider this an active rest day since we got quite a bit of walking in.

Sunday: RACE DAY!!!!!!!

Ready or not, it’s time to run the New York City Marathon! I am planning to run it just for fun, keeping my pace relaxed so I can truly enjoy the atmosphere. There are so many wonderful reasons to run this marathon, and I can’t wait to finally take part it something that I have read about for years.

Here we go!!

Marathon Training Week 20

Marathon Training Week 20

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