Marathon Training – Week 11 Recap

Hello friends, happy Sunday! Hopefully you still have one more day left of the weekend and are away from work tomorrow as well. Long weekends are the best! I always lose my appreciation for weekends as a teacher in the summer, because every day is really like a weekend. By the time it’s Saturday, nothing feels different or special about that day. As soon as the seasons change and fall arrives, I am always reminded of the joy that comes at the the end of the day every Friday.

With the end of another weekend comes the end of another training week. I looked through the rest of my training plan yesterday and realized just how close the NYC Marathon actually is! In calendar time it seems so far away, but in training time it is actually getting really close.

Week 11 of training is complete! I am working through a 20 week training plan, which means training is over halfway done. The marathon will be here before we know it!

Here’s how the week played out for me:

Monday: Yoga for Runners. I did the Recovery Yoga on my Runner’s World DVD and it worked wonders. I originally planned to do this on Sunday, right after my long run, but my body took much longer to recover than usual after the 16 miles on Saturday, so I took the full day to rest. Waiting a full day after my long run seemed like the perfect timeline for this workout, and I really think I benefited from it. Yoga always reminds me of my weak spots, but I sure am loving incorporating it into training more often.

Tuesday: 3 miles. I was supposed to run 4 but was recovering from a small chest cold and didn’t want to push it too far. My breathing was still pretty raspy and I had been coughing a lot the night before, so I figured I’d take it pretty easy. Missing one mile is not going to hurt me in the long run but developing a respiratory infection might. My legs felt GREAT on this run and I really think the yoga did the trick! I felt fresh and springy the whole time.

Wednesday: 6 miles. It took me a few miles to get into the groove on this run, but once I got going I felt great. The weather was much cooler today and mentally I was prepared for this run. I had to run loops around my neighborhood again since that road is STILL under construction, but it didn’t seem as tedious as it normally does. I think the weather change is helping immensely! My breathing felt better today and I was glad that I shortened my run the day before.

Thursday: Strength workout. I did my classic strength workout routine, plus all the moves for my hips and hamstrings. The moves are starting to get easier and I am really feeling stronger now, and can notice it on my runs. My hips and back did not tire out as early on my long run last week as they used to, and I think this is due to the strength work I’ve been doing! Next week I plan to add a few more repetitions to each set to continue to challenge my body.

Friday: 5 miles. The temperature was in the upper 40s when I left and I had to wear a jacket for the first time this season! I think cooler temperatures really do make a difference when you’re used to heat and humidity. This run made me excited for winter and Christmas because it felt so much cooler. I ran some weird circles and out and backs as far as I could get while avoiding my main road – I can’t wait until that construction is done. Overall this was a great run!

Saturday: 18 miles. I think this was literally the best long run I’ve ever had. I ran the same trail as last week but this time went out one direction for 3 miles, then came back and went out 3 miles the other direction, and then finished by going out 3 miles in the first direction again. I think breaking the run into three sets of 6 miles helped me mentally so much! The temperature was chilly when we started – it was only in the high 40s – but warmed up to the high 60s by the time we finish. My mom ran the first 12 with me and biked the last 6 which was awesome! Having a buddy to run with changes everything on these long runs. Every once and a while you get those runs that reaffirm everything you love about the sport and this was definitely one of them. What a great run!

Sunday: Rest & ice cream.

That is how the week played out for me! I ended up missing a few miles but still got all my runs in. This was the biggest training week for me so far and I’m feeling pretty good now that I can say I only have to run 2 miles longer for a long run until the race. Once I hit 16 miles I usually start believing that I can actually complete the marathon, but until then the distance always seems so daunting.

I love the progression of marathon training and how it makes you believe in yourself. There are only 9 weeks to go until race day, which is a short time in training time! I am getting more and more excited each week. This upcoming week is a cut back week in my training plan and I am greatly looking forward to giving my legs a little break.

Have a wonderful Sunday and be sure to eat some ice cream to refuel from those long runs!

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  1. It looks like you deserved that ice cream. Yes, the NYC marathon is only 62 days away but it feels like it’s tomorrow. I had a reaffirming long run this weekend too and I think that I may be able to accomplish this marathon with a personal best (fingers crossed).

    1. That is awesome! Those long runs are rare but well worth the wait. This weather is definitely helping too, I can’t wait for the fall temps to stay! Hopefully you had some ice cream to celebrate as well. My fingers are crossed for you that you will be able to get a personal best!!

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