Marathon Training – Week 12 Recap

I love Sundays! I think they are my favorite day of the week because they are my rest days, and with that comes more time to relax and spend with family and friends.

This week was an easy week for me, training wise, because it was a cut back week in my training plan! Every 4th week of this plan (up until the last month) is a built in cut back week. During these weeks the mileage scales down during the week and the long run on Saturday is only 6 miles. I’ve found that my body responds really well to this progression! With three weeks of build up, I am always more than ready for that short “long” run the next week. The previous three weeks have been 14, 16 and 18 milers, and since I haven’t run a marathon in over a year my body was definitely ready for this break.

The week looks pretty boring in terms of runs and workouts, but this is how the week played out for me:

Monday: 3 miles. My legs felt pretty good on Sunday after the long run, so I thought I’d be ready to go as scheduled on Monday morning. As soon as I started running I could feel two hot spots that still had not recovered from my long run – my left knee and my right shin. It’s interesting to me because I usually feel soreness from long runs in my hips and right knee, but this time it was neither of those! Once I got going the pain faded away and I didn’t really notice it any more, but I still tried to take it easy for this and truly focus on recovery. It was much more humid than it had been the past few weeks which was a surprise! They have now paved the road where I usually run so my fingers are crossed that the construction is almost complete!

Running Path ConstructionNYC Marathon Training
Tuesday: Strength workout. I did my usual strength workout this week and felt pretty strong for all the moves. I’m completing them faster and faster each week, which shows me that my body is getting stronger. I could still feel pain in my left knee when I did squats and leg dips, so I know that’s not quite healed. Other than that, this was a great workout!

Strength Training
Wednesday: 5 miles. These 5 miles were everything I had hoped for! I went into the run not expecting how my legs would feel, but they felt springy and fresh right from the beginning. The temperature was just about 50 degrees and the air was crisp – my favorite running weather. I could smell grapes throughout the entire run from the vineyards nearby and it just made me crave Welch’s grape juice. I saw them putting fresh tar down so my hopes are still high that the construction will be finished soon. Overall this was a great run!

Fall RunningNYC Marathon Training
Thursday: 4 miles. This was another great run! I don’t know what I’m doing differently, but my runs these past two weeks have all been awesome. My legs felt fresh and the whole run felt easy (probably because my pace was very relaxed;). I ran 4 loops around our neighborhood because I was too lazy to deal with the construction. It rained all morning and afternoon but I found a nice little 45 minute break in the radar and took advantage of it! All the leaves and plants looked really droopy with the rain but it sure was refreshing.

NYC Marathon TrainingRainy Runs
Friday: Cross training – dancing! One of my friend’s got married on Friday and I spent the whole day getting ready with her and the bridal party. We danced for about 3 hours at their reception and I am considering that my cross training for the week 😉 I wish I had been wearing my watch because I would love to know how many steps we got this day!

Saturday: 6 miles. I slept in after the wedding and took the morning to recover, so I set out for a run with my mom right around lunch time. The weather was absolutely perfect and the run went by quickly! We ran on my favorite trail by my parents house and it was a really great run, especially considering we were out late and hadn’t eaten anything normal the day before. This was great timing for the cut back weekend with a shorter long run!

Sunday: Rest!

And just like that, we are only 8 weeks away from the TCS NYC Marathon! Time really is flying. Now that I’ve run an 18 miler I’m starting to feel more confident and excited for this race! It always seems so far out at the beginning of training, but it is officially less than 2 months away.

Happy running to those of you completing Sunday long runs! Make sure you have some ice cream to celebrate (I know I will even though I didn’t run long this weekend;).

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