Marathon Training – Week 13 Recap

My favorite day is here again! I went from hating Sundays last year because I was dreading the start of the work week, to loving them now because they are a day of rest and family.

Sunday brings to a close week 13 of training for the NYC Marathon! Next week is the last week on the front page of my training plan, and then I will flip it over and officially be into the last 6 weeks of training. It’s crazy how quickly time goes by when training for a big race!

This week was another relatively big week in training for me. Next week will be the biggest week of the entire training plan! Here is how week 13 played out for me:

Monday: Yoga – 45 minutes. I started this week off with yoga to help my body reset from all the wedding festivities this weekend. I still got my training runs in last week but my schedule was a little off with all of the celebrating and tons of food. Yoga always helps me focus and ground myself after some time off and I was hoping it would do the same on Monday. It definitely did, and my shoulders (weak spot) felt stronger this week! I did 45 minutes of yoga from the Runner’s World “Yoga for Runners” DVD and loved it, per usual!

Tuesday: 4 miles. It took me a while to get motivated for this run but I’m always glad when I get out there! It was chilly this morning but I loved the freshness in the air. My legs felt really tired for some reason, as if they were coming off of a long run, but nothing in particular hurt so that’s good. I ran even slower than my regularly slow pace, but enjoyed the fresh air and even saw some trees starting to change colors! There is still construction on my favorite road but I’m holding out hope that they will finish it sometime soon.

Wednesday: 5 miles. I was still on that lack-of-motivation bandwagon when I woke up in the morning, so it took a little extra motivation to get out the door. It was much warmer this morning than it had been the past two weeks – it was almost 70 when I stepped outside. Once I got started I was glad I did, and it’s always easy to make myself keep going once I get that first mile completed. There’s still construction on my usual route so I ran 5 loops around our neighborhood. It was another slow run but it still felt good to complete it!

Thursday: Strength workout. I did this strength workout and worked up a great sweat. I also added 8 Minute Abs in there – this video is so old but I love all the moves in it. My motivation was finally back today! I don’t know what I did differently but I’ll take it 😉 I did this workout with less breaks than usual so I got it done quicker than my other workouts. It feels great each week to notice some of the moves getting easier to complete, and this week was no different. I think I will add some more reps to each of the moves next week to increase the challenge.

Friday: 5 miles. My motivation was still there on Friday too so I felt ready to get out there for this run. I got into such a groove for this run that it almost felt like a meditation, but then every loud noise or dog bark made me jump in the air, haha. I had some right knee pain come back during the last few miles of this run – normally it only happens on long runs so that made me a little nervous. Other than that it was a good run!

Saturday: 16 miles. This was another great run! Not quite as perfect as my last 18 miler but still wonderful compared to past long runs. My knee didn’t hurt and my legs felt great the whole time! The last two miles were a little tough because it started to get hot (it was in the 80s by the time we finished). My mom met me again and ran the first 10 and then biked the last 6. We ran 6 one direction, 4 the other, and 6 again in the first. Breaking the run up and running with someone else makes all the difference! That and the snacks we had waiting for us at the end of course 😉

Sunday: Rest!

I moved my workouts around this week in an attempt to recreate the training week I had two weeks ago, which was the week leading up to my best long run ever. I’d say that my recreation was pretty successful! I don’t want to jinx it yet (knock on wood) but I think I may have found the pattern my body responds to best. The ultimate test will be next week as I head into my first 20 miler of the plan!

Fingers crossed that I can keep up this rhythm and the groove continues. Hope you all have a great day full of relaxation and good food.

Enjoy the weekend!

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