Marathon Training – Week 14 Recap

It’s funny how time seems to move separately when marathon training. There’s real life time, and then there’s marathon training time. Real life flows by normally, while at the same time the days and weeks are zooming by in training time. We are only 6 weeks away from the TCS New York City Marathon now! I am officially on to the second page of my training plan (it really is the little things that make you feel accomplished;).

This past week was my biggest week yet of training – with the longest mid week runs and my first 20 miler of the training cycle. I am definitely grateful for this Sunday to relax and recover.

Here’s how the week played out for me!

Monday: 30 minute yoga. Since the past two long runs have gone so well I am here again trying to follow the same schedule for my workouts as I did leading up to those two runs:). I am starting to feel stronger while doing this yoga routine which is great! I am really liking starting the week off with yoga instead of a run, and think my body has been responding well to the extra day of recovery.


Tuesday: 3 miles. The struggle was real on this run! I was not motivated to get going and as soon as I stepped out the door I could tell the run would be rough. It feels like summer weather is back and this run sure proved it – the humidity was ridiculous and even though it was only in the low 70s it felt so warm. Nothing specifically felt bad on this run, but I definitely felt sluggish and tired the whole time. Some runs you have, it some runs you don’t! It sure is starting to look like fall but this run definitely didn’t feel like it 😉

Wednesday: 8 miles. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning so I could t run at my usual time. I ran right after lunch in the afternoon on trails near my parent’s house instead, and boy was it warm! I think the thermometer read 84 when I left and of course it was sunny and humid the whole time! The leaves were beautiful and I am definitely ready for summer running to be over ;). This run felt better than the day before but I definitely felt really sluggish and lazy the whole time. I think heat really plays a part in our running when we are not used to it! Overall I’m glad I got it done but definitely struggled on this one.

Thursday: Strength workout. I did my usual strength routine and felt better about it this week. I think my arm strength is slowly returning as well as my hip and hamstring strength. I love doing these moves each week to keep those weak spots active and make sure they don’t go into hibernation while I’m running 😉 only a few weeks left to do this workout!

Friday: 4 miles. My legs felt fresh and my knee didn’t hurt at all for this run, but it sure was hard to get motivated! I was out the door around 8am and the temperature was already 90 degrees by this time. I sure am done with running in the heat and humidity! Overall I felt great but didn’t enjoy the run too much because it was so warm.

Saturday: 20 miles. I met my mom at a local trail to run this again and it was already 70 and humid by 7:30 am! We split the run up into sections of 6, 6, 4 and 4 miles which really helped me mentally. The first 16 miles were awesome but I struggled with the last 4, I think because it was so hot! I had heat rash on my legs and feet when we finished. When I drove home the car thermometer said it was 94 degrees! Overall it was one of the better 20 mile training runs I’ve had, despite the heat, so I am happy with it!

Sunday: Rest!

I am feeling much more confident about the marathon now that we are getting closer to race day. It’s funny how the first 3 or 4 long runs of a training plan always seem ridiculously hard and impossible, like your body is rebelling against you and trying to figure out why in the world you are running for so long. After a few weeks you adjust and those long runs start to seem much more manageable, even though they are getting longer.

With a 20 miler now officially under my belt, I am feeling ready for this race and excited about these last 6 weeks of training. I’m happy to see another Sunday and ready for a day to rest and recover. If the first 14 weeks flew by as quickly as they did, I can only imagine how fast these last 6 weeks will!

Hopefully you are wrapping up another successful week and have some time to relax before the new week begins. Happy Sunday!

New York City Marathon

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