Marathon Training – Week 15 Recap

Happy Sunday! I love this day of the week. Rest days feel so much better when I plan them ahead of time and get to look forward to them each week.

With the completion of week 15 of training, I am officially 3/4 of the way through my 20 week training plan! The New York City Marathon is now only 5 weeks away, and I only have two long runs remaining before taper starts. Woohooo!

This week was another cut back week for me, so my mileage was much less than usual. I think I really needed less mileage this week, especially since the heat rash I got after my 20 miler last weekend stuck around for three days.

Here’s how the training week played out for me!

Monday: Recovery Yoga. I did the same yoga routine that I’ve done the past few weeks from Runner’s World. I love doing this as my first workout after a long run because I can definitely tell which muscles are the most tired and where I need some extra work stretching. My legs felt pretty good after 20 miles this past weekend, but my feet were actually the most sore. Yoga is a great way to start the week and I was happy with how this went after my longest run yet!


Tuesday: 4 miles. I almost turned around right at the beginning of this run because my knee was hurting a lot, but I decided to keep going and after about a mile it went away. This run was really slow and relaxed, and I could tell my legs were still tired from my long run. Overall I felt pretty sluggish but I was glad I kept going once I got out there! I relaced my shoes to give the top of my foot more space and less pressure while I’m running to see if that helps minimize the effects of this recurring heat rash I’m getting.


Wednesday: Rest. I had to get some more blood drawn for lab work, and the nurse I saw told me that she took out almost as much as they do when you give blood. I had originally planned to do my strength workout today after getting my blood drawn, but I felt so sick afterwards that I decided to make it a rest day.

Thursday: Strength workout. I did my usual strength workout but skipped the dumbbell moves because my right elbow have been hurting lately and my left arm was still sore from getting blood drawn. I felt very tired for all these moves but worked up a good sweat! I was definitely glad I did them.

Friday: 4 miles + dumbbell moves. Motivation was low again today but I was so glad to get going as soon as I got outside! The fall weather was back, and I think they have finally finished construction on my usual route! The signs are still there but I haven’t seen any workers for over 2 weeks now so I ran my usual way and it felt great to have to loop anything anymore. My legs felt fresh for this run, and I got back and decided to finish up the dumbbell moves that I skipped in yesterday’s strength workout.

Saturday: 6 miles. This was the “long” run for the week and I loved it! It really felt like fall for this run and was beautiful running weather – mid 40s and clear skies. I felt great for this run but each time I looked down at my Garmin I realized I was running really slowly! I guess that is what my body needed. My legs and breathing felt fresh the whole time and the 6 miles flew by.

Sunday: Rest.

I am happy with the timing of this low mileage and eager to get these last two long runs under my belt now! After running 20 miles I am feeling much more confident about race day and am starting to get really excited.

My mindset has really changed in approach to these long runs, and I’ve found myself actually looking forward to them and feeling confident that I can complete them. This is quite the change from my first 4 marathons where I dreaded the long runs all week, telling myself they’d be miserable!

I plan to thoroughly enjoy my rest day today and then get started on the last 5 weeks of training.

Hope you all have a fantastic end to your weekend!

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