Marathon Training – Week 16 Recap

The conclusion of this week brings an exciting milestone in the countdown to the New York City Marathon: we are officially less than one month away! Today wraps up week 16 of marathon training, which means there are only 4 more weeks to go.

This week brought another long run, which makes today’s rest day even more exciting. I am loving taking Sundays off each week both physically and mentally! Today calls for some football, reading, and watching our favorite show.

Before I get started on that, here is how this week of training played out for me:

Monday: 4 miles. I decided to stick to the actual schedule of my training plan this week instead of doing yoga on Monday since my legs were feeling fresh from last week’s cut back week. The weather was in the mid 50s when I left for my run this morning and it was perfect! I woke up feeling pretty restless this morning but as soon as I stepped outside and breathed in the fresh air I felt a thousand times better. My legs felt fresh for this run and I really enjoyed it!NYC Marathon Training

Tuesday: 25 minute ab workout + Runner’s World Yoga. I was feeling a little antsy this morning and didn’t know if I’d be able to fully focus on yoga right away, so I did one of my favorite ab workouts. I completed the Week 11 Ab Workout from Kayla Itsines’ BBG program and definitely felt the burn! I used to do these all the time and got the best results, but they have definitely fallen by the wayside as my runs during marathon training have picked up. After this I completed my usual Runner’s World Yoga and it felt great. I am loving the mental benefits from yoga as well!

Wednesday: 6 miles. I ran this in the evening right before dinner and was surprised by how early it started to get dark! It reminded me how much I love running at dusk. Overall this was a really slow run but my legs felt great and it was the first time in a while that my knee didn’t hurt at all! I was glad to get this run in.

Thursday: Strength workout. I’m sure my body has realized how predictable I am by now and adapted, but I am just so set in this routine. I did my usual strength moves today and they went well. I finally feel like my arms are starting to get a little stronger and the should-be-really-easy-dumbbell-moves are because a little more manageable;). Overall it went well! I’ve been slowly adding time to my planks during marathon training and am finally up to a minute and a half! It’s not much for some, but I started from 30 seconds and that was incredibly hard for me to accomplish when I first began, so I’d consider it progress!

Friday: 5 miles. It was raining in the morning so I was so tempted to put off this run but knew that I couldn’t push it any closer to my long run or my legs would be angry with me on Saturday. I guess that was the motivation I needed! It was dreary outside but the colors were beautiful. Overall my legs felt pretty fresh and after about a mile or so I got into the run and really enjoyed it!

Saturday: 18 miles. I started this run not feeling as mentally motivated as usual but once I got going my whole attitude changed! I love how running can do that. This run was actually a pretty great run! I felt good up until about mile 15, and the last three were pretty tough. Not bad for a long run though! It was super humid when we started out but the humidity gradually faded and it got breezy which was wonderful. I am obsessed with all the colors out there and just can’t take enough pictures!

Sunday: Rest.

Next Saturday is my final long run of the training plan, and it’s a 20 miler. After the 20 mile run, I will be starting to taper leading up to the race. Time has been flying by this summer and so far this fall, and it seems to always go quicker when I am training for a big race. It is crazy to look back on the training plan and see that I’ve been training for 16 weeks because it sure feels like I just started!

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Hopefully fall weather has finally gotten to you as well and you are getting to enjoy the prime season for running! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

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