Marathon Training – Week 17 Recap

October Rainy Runs

Here we are, wrapping up another weekend already! This week was full of just about every different type of weather possible, which has definitely been keeping me on my toes during training. I can only hope that these weird fall temperatures will make me that much more prepared for race day!

This past week of training was supposed to bring the highest mileage of the past 17 weeks, but fell a little short due to changing plans with the weather. Even so, this week was my last big long run before taper begins. I have officially completed all long runs of this marathon training plan (except this last one that got cut a few miles short;). There are only three weeks to go until race day and I sure am excited to be starting to taper! We’ll see how long that excitement lasts before it turns into anxiety;). I’ll definitely enjoy it while it lasts!

Here is what week 17 of training looked like:

Monday: Yoga. I completed the recovery yoga from Runner’s World once again and it felt refreshing like always. I love this after a long run, and surprisingly my feet were what needed it the most! My legs didn’t feel too tight but my feet could really feel those 18 miles still. I love starting the week with some yoga!

Tuesday: 4 miles. My legs felt much better than expected on this run after my long run! The run was easy and I felt fresh, but there was a pain in the top of my left foot. I’ve never had a pain here before since I’ve started running, so I have no idea what could have caused it but I’m hoping it’s just a pulled muscle. The weather felt like fall again and it was perfectly overcast!

Wednesday: 4 miles. This was definitely one of those days… I planned to run 8 but ended up turning around after 2. I ran in the afternoon in an attempt to avoid the downpouring rain (when the radar on my weather app told me it would end), but it rained consistently the entire run and just kept getting more intense. I wasn’t mentally in it for this run and the tops of my feet are still hurting even when I’m not running, so I decided to cut it short. I’m glad I got out there at least for a few miles, but my mental game definitely wasn’t ready for this run!

Thursday: Strength workout. I completed my usual strength routine once again! My motivation came back for this workout which was very nice. I think my shoulders and elbows are finally getting stronger, and this is the first time since last October that I’ve gone long enough without them hurting to consistently strengthen them. The little things can be the biggest motivators sometimes! Overall this was a successful workout.

Friday: 6 miles. This run felt so much better than Wednesday! I expected to end up cutting it short based on how I felt in the morning when I woke up, but as soon as I got outside I felt better. My mindset was much more positive during this run, and that continues to remind me how much of an impact our minds have on our bodies. Overall it was a good run!

Saturday: 16 miles. My last 20 miler turned into a 16 miler instead – oops. Looking ahead at the weather I knew this weekend was going to bring tough running conditions, but I sure didn’t expect them to be this tough! What I thought was going to be a little bit of rain turned out to be a full on downpour for the entire day, filled with thunder and lightening. We started this run in the rain and headed out for 7 miles in one direction, and by the time we returned it was absolutely downpouring and I was soaked through my rain jacket. We waited out some lightening and then continued on for 6 miles and another 3, before getting so chilled that I decided to call it quits. The temperatures were in the 50s but at this point all of my clothes were soaked and I was feeling pretty chilled. The run itself was awesome and I think the rain provided a great distraction! The miles went by fast and felt effortless, making me feel like I could have easily run 20. I feel a little guilty for cutting it 4 miles short, but I know that 4 miles are not going to make a difference on race day – especially since I’ve already run a 20 miler – and it is not worth getting sick so close to the race. Overall it was a great run except for the rain!

Sunday: Rest!

And with the completion of this week, the hardest physical part of marathon training is over, and the mental game is about to start.

I am feeling ready for taper and excited about these next three weeks leading up to race day. The New York Marathon is just around the corner and I can’t wait to spend some time planning our visit!

Hopefully you get to relax and enjoy some stress free activities on this Sunday! Have a great day!

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