Marathon Training – Week 18 Recap

Another week is complete already! I love Sundays and they seem to be coming quickly and quicker each week.

This was the first week of taper for the New York City Marathon and it was definitely welcomed after a rough peak week last week. I love taper because it always bring my training into perspective and gives me some extra time to make sure my body is as prepared as possible for race day.

Here is how the week played out for me:

Monday: Yoga. I did my usual yoga dvd from Runner’s World. I was originally planning to run today and do yoga on Tuesday, but I still felt some nagging pains in my feet from last week so I knew my body would appreciate the yoga. It did, like always!

Cross Training Yoga for Runners

Tuesday: 4 miles. This was a great run! I was skeptical after Monday’s aches and pains but this was a painless, easy 4 miles. The weather was perfect – high 40s and sunny. I wore my kitten for the first time but ended up taking them off after a mile. My shoes were still really wet from Saturday’s long run in the rain so I wore my Brooks Gortex shoes (ironically if I would have worn these shoes on Saturday my feet wouldn’t have been wet… oops;).

Wednesday: 5 miles. It was another beautiful day with perfect running weather! I ran around our neighborhood and came across a woman looking for her car that got out, so I zigzagged around for 4 miles trying to help find him but had no such luck. My right foot and ankle were really hurting on this run and I think it’s safe to say the phantom taper pains have begun! This area has not been hurting at all during training so I kept running through it and will see what Friday brings. Overall it was an easy run!

Marathon Training Run

Thursday: Strength workout. I completed my usual strength moves but skipped the dumbbell exercises because my right elbow pain is flaring up again and I can’t straighten it. While I was doing this workout I realized that I’ll only do it two more times before the race – ah how exciting! The moves felt smooth and easy.

Friday: 4 miles. I was worried that my aches and pains would resurface from Wednesday’s run, but they did no such things! Those phantom taper pains are really. This was a nice and easy, slow run. The weather was great for running again – right around 50 degrees and sunny!

Marathon Training Taper

Saturday: 6 miles. I ran this in the middle of the day because we had band competitions in the morning and evening, so that made it a little tough. Running mid day is so much harder for me! The weather was a little warmer but not bad, and it sure was beautiful outside. Overall not a bad run but I was definitely glad I didn’t have to run farther this weekend!

Sunday: Rest!

This week’s mileage was my usual cut back week mileage, so next week will be a little higher but still much less than these past few months of training.

There are officially only two weeks until race day which means it’s time for me to get serious about planning our trip!

14 days will go by so quickly and I could not be more excited!

Hope everyone has a very relaxing Sunday today 🙂

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