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No matter how different each month feels, they all seem to fly by at the same lightening speed. This month was no different (shocker;), but as time passes I can’t help but look forward to the official end of winter and transition to the brand new season.

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April starts off in an especially exciting manner – with a holiday! Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I hope your month starts off with an exceptional day today. I am grateful that today is Sunday, and also the first day after completing my challenge of quitting sugar for 40 days. This allows me a guilt free day of snacking on some Easter treats!

March Favorites and Top Posts from the Blog Runnin' for Sweets

As the new month rolls in, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of warmer temperatures, longer hours of daylight, and sunshine. Spring is like a breath of fresh air. While it made a few appearances last month, I’m ready for it to stick around. Not to mention this week will be my husband’s spring break from teaching (which means that I get to accompany him on a trip up north)! April – so far, so good.

Here are some of my March favorites:

25k Training reached it’s peak! After taking nearly two months off to recover from the New York City Marathon, it feels great to be increasing my mileage. March brought the return of double digit long runs, trips to my favorite running trail, and speed workouts. One of my favorite runs ever took place in March!

25k Training in March

I completed something I never thought possible: quitting sugar for 40 days. After living with a sugar addiction for nearly my entire life, I finally decided to give up sugar cold turkey to try and get healthier. I was shocked by the results, and could not be more proud of myself for actually following through and completing the challenge.

What Happened When I Quit Sugar for 40 Days | The before and after results I noticed after my sugar detox were incredible. After living the sugar addiction life I finally quit sugar for good, and it all started when I decided to give up sugar for Lent for 40 days. Here’s how I did it.

Spring finally made an appearance! While the warmer weather was not consistent, we did have some amazingly beautiful days. I ran in shorts for the first time since last summer, and daylight savings time helped us out with some extra sunlight in the evenings. I can’t wait for the morning hours to be light soon too!

St. Patrick’s Day brought some luck and a couple great workouts. I wore my green in the morning and had a great run at my favorite running trail. The day before, I had a great sweat session in my living room with this Lucky 7s Full Body Dumbbell Workout!

Lucky 7s Full Body Dumbbell Workout: Complete these 7 classic moves with added weight to burn maximum calories and strengthen your arms, core, and legs in less than 20 minutes. | Workout Ideas | At Home Workouts | St. Patrick's Day Workout | Lucky 7s Workout | Workouts for Beginners

After about 9 months of visiting doctors to discover the cause of my mysterious elbow problem (that I wrote about almost 2 years ago), I am finally closing in on some answers. After finally receiving a diagnosis from a Rheumatologist, I am on my way to getting a second opinion to confirm his diagnosis. Either way, it sure is nice to know that I’m not crazy, and something actually is abnormal here. (Full story to come later this month)!

I entered the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon! I think all my luck was used up when I got in the NYC Marathon lottery on my first attempt last year, because I didn’t get into the Marine Corps Marathon through the lottery this year. Oh well! That opens the door for a ton of different fall race opportunities. April will be spent narrowing down the races and choosing a fall marathon. There are quite a few great races to decide between!

And with that, the March favorites are complete and I’m eager to start April off with a bang. Happy Easter everyone, and enjoy the wonderful Sunday!

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