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Mile Pace Chart: 1600m, 1200m, 800m & 400m Interval Pace Calculator

Many runners are surprised to discover just how complex running the mile can be. Using a mile pace chart can not only help solidify your goals, but help break down different interval paces as well.

What is a mile pace chart?

This mile pace chart includes more than just finish times for 1 mile. For each running pace, you’ll find the distance broken down into different interval splits.

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With running paces from 5 – 16 minutes per mile in 15 second increments, you’ll be able to identify a running pace within just a few seconds of your own. The pace chart will tell you how long it will take to complete various track intervals during your mile.

>> Includes 1600m, 1200m, 800m & 400m pace charts

For each running pace, you’ll find the overall time it takes to complete 1 mile, as well as different intervals within the distance. Every mile time is broken down into 1600 meter, 1200 meter, 800 meter and 400 meter pace charts.

How to Use a Mile Pace Chart

Using a mile pace chart is fairly straightforward. Begin by finding the running pace that is closest to your goal or current mile pace.

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Once you’ve found your 1 mile pace, you’ll see that it’s broken down into the various different intervals. The intervals listed equate to laps around the track, compounding the 400 meter distance.

This pace chart will help you set and solidify your running goals. Use it to guide you to a new mile PR, or to determine different interval paces during speed workouts.

Mile Pace Chart

Download this mile pace chart for free and get started training for your goals! Plan out speed workouts, sprints or interval runs without having to do any complicated math.

This mile pace chart is an easy way to determine your interval running pace. Find your pace for speed workouts with this easy to use running pace chart! The perfect addition to any training plan. #milepacechart #runningpacechart #intervalpacechart

>> Download the Mile Pace Chart PDF here!

Set yourself up for success now and in the future by keeping this interval pace chart for every training plan. Increase your goals as you accomplish new speeds, or use the chart to help narrow your focus.

What is a good average mile pace?

While there is no single, quantitative answer to this question, we can say this: a good mile pace is one that challenges your body without tearing it apart.

A good mile pace should feel challenging, yet attainable throughout the duration of the distance. You should feel in control, yet pushing just a bit outside of your comfort zone.

When you are just beginning, a good mile pace might be one that you can maintain for the entirety of the distance without need a walk break. As you become more experienced, your mile pace might be one that you can maintain for the distance, but no further.

As your distance and training increases, check out more pace charts below!

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