November Fitness Challenge Check In: Week 3

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Today marks the completion of the second full week in November, which means we are already three weeks in to the November Fitness Challenge! This month for me has included both extremes: from intense, lengthy workouts to complete days of rest. It started out strong as I ran the New York City Marathon, but this was followed by 5 days of complete rest. This past week has finally felt a little more normal in terms of workout consistency, and I’m excited to feel like I’m getting back in the groove.

Let’s check in and see what progress we’ve made towards our goal in the November Fitness Challenge so far. As of today, we are 19 days into the month, which means we only have 11 to go! Where has the time gone?! This check in is the most important one, because there are fewer days left now to kick it into high gear if you are behind on your goal.

The goal for the November Fitness Challenge is to complete 1,000 minutes of exercise throughout the course of the month. This exercise can come in any form: walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, biking, etc. The 1,000 minutes can be completed at any time (heck, you could workout for 1,000 minutes in one day if you really wanted to get it all over with). I like to break down my goals into more manageable chunks, so I’m able to check my progress along the way.

Running Will Inspire YouNovember Fitness Challenge Workouts

Here is how this past week looked for me, in terms of minutes of exercise.

November Fitness Challenge, Week 3

  • 11/13, Monday: 30 minutes (HIIT Workout – Kayla Itsines’ BBG)
  • 11/14, Tuesday: 45 minutes (Yoga – Runner’s World Yoga DVD)
  • 11/15, Wednesday: 30 minutes (HIIT Workout – Kayla Itsines’ BBG)
  • 11/16, Thursday: 0 minutes (unplanned rest day but oh well)
  • 11/17, Friday: 30 minutes (HIIT Workout – Kayla Itsines’ BBG)
  • 11/18, Saturday: 45 minutes (Turkey Trot 5k)
  • 11/19, Sunday: 0 minutes (I love Sunday rest days:)

WEEK GOAL: 4 hours, 10 minutes

COMPLETED: 3 hours

I definitely didn’t meet my goal for the week, but I knew that I was ahead of schedule since the marathon bought me so much extra time. I wasn’t too worried about it this week, and it sure was nice to get back in the swing of things again after a week of basically zero activity! My body is feeling back to normal after the marathon, for which I am so grateful! Even still, I plan to slowly ease my way back into running with  few short runs each week.

My husband and I decided at the last minute to run a local 5k yesterday, but it was so much fun! His sister mentioned it last weekend and since he had such a great experience at last week’s 5k that he wanted to do it again. (This is a really big deal for him since it was pretty much his first 5k ever and he always thought he loathed running)! These races have been a fun way to end the week and stay motivated on the weekends.

With three weeks down, we now only have three to go. We are past the halfway point of the month! Overall, this is how my progress is going for the November Fitness Challenge.

November Fitness Challenge Goal

  • Overall Goal: 1,000 minutes = 16 hours & 40 minutes
  • End of Week 3:
    • Goal: 640 minutes = 10 hours & 40 minutes
    • Actual: 705 minutes = 11 hours & 45 minutes
  • Left to Complete: 295 minutes = 4 hours & 55 minutes

So I’ve got just about 1 hour of extra time at this point, which I’m sure will be used up quickly. These last 11 days are definitely going to be the most challenging for me personally, because as you can see my normal cross training routine doesn’t get me quite 4 hours of exercise each week. My goal is to be really aware of this and add in a few minutes of strengthening exercises at the end of each workout to compensate! I will probably add in some planks, situps, squats, etc for a few minutes each day.

What about you, how are you doing on the November Fitness Challenge? How is your progress towards your fitness goals this month? This week is a crucial point in the month to evaluate progress and figure out what needs to change or remain the same. We are passed the halfway point and the holidays are just around the corner!

Hopefully the upcoming turkey meal keeps your motivation at its peak. Have a fantastic Sunday!

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  1. I thought this 1000 minute challenge was going to be easy but as it turns out I have to really pay attention to get enough minutes in each week. So glad I decided to accept the challenge as it helps me to really focus on fitness which is very important to me! Thank you for putting this out there!!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I am feeling the same way! It really makes me focus on how much time I am actually spending on fitness each day! I am glad you are enjoying it – good luck for the last two weeks!!

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