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NYC Marathon

Hi friends, happy November! The first day of a new month always feels like a fresh start with some new motivation. I love using this time to evaluate what I accomplished last month and set some new goals. This month is going to start out on a high note (hopefully;) with our trip to New York City this weekend. Shortly after we return, it will be socially acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music out loud. I can’t wait!

October was a successful month for me in terms of productivity, while running tapered off in preparation for the marathon. Before the November craziness begins, I want to take some time to reflect on the past month and the goals I set.

Here are the goals I set for myself at the beginning of October.

october goals
  1. Research the NYC Marathon ahead of time so I am as prepared as possible! This includes travel, race course, packet pick up, transportation, food, tourist attractions, etc. I want to know exactly what to expect and do when I get to New York so I don’t accidentally miss anything awesome!
    • Complete! I spent a great deal of time last week planning out all of our travel and race day logistics, absorbing the course map, and reading recap posts from other bloggers. I feel very ready to tackle this marathon!NYC MarathonFrom the TCS NYC Marathon Twitter page.
  2. Taper the right way. Continue listening to my body, don’t let my mental game get thrown off during taper time, trust in my training, and don’t go overboard with indulgences.
    • Taper is always a time filled with mental games, when I worry about getting sick or injured so close to the race. The tops of my feet have been hurting lately and I ended up cutting my 4 mile run on Monday down to half a mile, and doing yoga instead. So far I have been doing well with listening to my body, and I certainly hope that continues in the days leading up to the race.November Marathon Taper
  3. Limit pop to once a week.
    • Success! I quit drinking pop in college but just recently starting drinking it again and was reminded of how great it tastes. This quickly spiraled from just having it as a treat to not being able to resist on week nights. I was much more mindful of this during October and have successfully only indulged after long runs.
  4. Spend less time on my phone each day.
    • This was one of my focus goals each day this month and so far I have made great progress. There is definitely more progress that can be made, but so far so good. I’ve made a point of only checking my phone at lunch during the work day, which has led me to be more productive. Now if only I can improve in the evenings as well!
  5. Start and finish at least one book.
    • Complete – I am actually almost done with my third! This month I read “Bittersweet” by Shauna Niequist and “Runners World How to Race Everything” by Bart Yasso. Both books were quick reads but so inspirational! I am currently reading “Pretty Baby” by Mary Kubica and it is definitely a page turner. I plan to finish it this week!
  6. Cook at least one new recipe and bake one new recipe.
    • Yes! This month I tried so many new dinner recipes and even some desserts. Each week I made at least two new dinners and tried a new dessert recipe on Friday. I really hope to continue this! Fall Deserts
  7. Find creative and budget friendly date night ideas (i.e. don’t get lazy;).
    • Ehhh, this goal was moderately successful. We started out pretty well by going on a hike for our date night, but last week ended up just going out to dinner. I will try to be more mindful about this in November!October and November Fall Hikes
  8. Stretch every day; not just my legs after a run, but make sure to spend time loosening all the muscles (arms, neck, feet, etc).
    • Another goal that I sort of met. My neck has been really tight lately so I’ve added in some neck stretching to my daily routine, but not much else. This will be so important after the marathon, so I’ll have to force myself to continue doing it even when I’m not running!
  9. Volunteer to help at a race. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions and is something that I’ve always wanted to do to give back to the community that is always there for me during races.
    • Did not accomplish this one. I looked into some race options for volunteering and ended up registering to run one… whoops! I did find a few in November that looked like they would be fun to help out with. I’ll keep this goal for next month!
  10. FINALLY get some answers about this mysterious elbow problem and be realistic about any treatments or life changes that this will require.
    • This has been a goal of mine every month since June, and unfortunately I still don’t know anything more. I had more blood work done this month and went back to see my Rheumatologist a second time, but he is still uncertain as to whether it’s Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. I will be going back to see him in a few months, and hopefully the symptoms will have resurfaced. In the mean time, at least the mystery disease has not been nearly as bad as it was last year at this time!

After reflecting on my accomplishments (and failures;) of the past month, I am setting these new goals for myself in November.

Goals for November

 november goals
  1. Complete the New York City Marathon!
  2. Start and finish my November Fitness Challenge by completing 1,000 minutes of exercise this month.
  3. Take a full week off from running after the marathon and continue stretching even on the days I don’t run.
  4. Shift my focus from running to cross training and strength training all of my body.
  5. Volunteer for a race! (We’ll move this goal to November since I failed in October;).
  6. Start and finish one new book, and find a Christmas book to read.
  7. Get at least half of my Christmas shopping done (hello, online shopping).
  8. Wake up half an hour earlier in the mornings.
  9. Avoid snacking on desserts as the holiday treats begin to arrive.
  10. Plan some seasonal date nights.

November Running Trails November Running

With that, it’s time to get November started! We are officially four days away from the New York City Marathon. FOUR DAYS. We fly to NYC on Friday and I just can’t wait! After the marathon I am looking forward to getting stronger and spending some time with family as the holiday season begins. Happy November!

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