Marathon Pace Chart: Every Mile Split and Finish Time {free PDFs}

Marathon Pace Chart: Every Mile Split and Finish Time {free PDFs}

Running a marathon can feel incredibly daunting, no matter how prepared you may be. The race distance itself is so long that calculating your marathon time is often more challenging than expected. These marathon pace charts provide helpful guidance as you dive into training and prepare a race day strategy. Maintaining a consistent running pace … Read More

Half and Full Marathon

How to Taper for the Race Once the long runs are complete and race day nears, it’s time to taper. Learn how to gradually decrease mileage and intensity to show up at the start feeling mentally and physically strong. Build Mental Strength The physical challenge on long distance running is only half the battle. Here’s … Read More

Free Resources

Pace Charts Find your perfect race day guide with mile splits and finish times for running paces from 5-16 minutes per mile. Set yourself up for success with every distance from 5k to full marathon. Half Marathon Training Plan Download this 16 week Half Marathon Training Plan! Complete with weekly strength exercises, cross training options … Read More

5k and 10k

I want to find… Your First Race Race day nerves and no stranger for even the most seasoned runner. Here’s what to expect before, during and after your first race. How to Run a Faster Mile Running a faster mile doesn’t have to feel impossible. Try these simple tricks to run faster and improve your … Read More

5 Strategies to Quickly Break Through a Running Plateau

5 Strategies to Quickly Break Through a Running Plateau

No matter how much we love running or how consistently we train, it is inevitable that we will hit a running plateau at some point during training. What is a running plateau? Running plateaus often occur at the most inconvenient times during training. They often occur when we’re working hard, building endurance, getting faster… and … Read More

Runnin’ for Sweets

Running tips for every runner Want to improve your running? Download the FREE 30 Strategies to Become a Better Runner! ~ Trending Articles ~ I want to know… >>> How many miles should I run? >>> How to get started running! >>> How to run longer and faster >>> How to stay motivated to run … Read More