Privacy Policy

Here at Runnin’ for Sweets we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. The purpose of this Privacy Policy to inform you of what information we collect and how it is used.

What Information Is Collected

Voluntarily Submitted Information: We collect any information that you voluntarily submit to our website. For example, any time you enter your email address to download one of our freebies, or sign up to receive our newsletter. When you leave a comment or submit a contact form, your contact information is recorded and stored within our site. Your password and personal details are never visible to us.

Information Collected Through Social Media: If you link your social media account (by following us on Pinterest, Twitter or Google), your contact information and username are visible to us. We may be able to access your profile picture and view your social media accounts through these sources. We may receive information about you from other sources.

Automatically-Collected Information: Our network automatically collects available data from the devices you use. For example, your operating system, the pages you viewed on our site, the length of your visit, and the date you visited is collected and used to further develop our site.

Cookies: Cookies are data files within your browser that provide us information regarding your activity on our site. We may record information through cookies to continue personalizing our site.

How Information Is Used

The information we collected is used is the following ways:

  • To communicate any new products, newsletters, or free downloads via email (only if you sign up – with the option of opting out at any time)
  • To further develop the site and create a more personalized experience
  • To respond to any questions or comments you may have
  • To track advertising on our site
  • To track sales through our online store

Information Used By Third-Parties

Runnin’ for Sweets uses three third-party service providers, which allow us to personalize our website for our readers and offer a wide variety of services. The information collected through third-parties is never shared or used in a manner outside their services.

Mail Chimp – we use Mail Chimp to create and deliver emails to you. Your email address is stored through our Mail Chimp account when you sign up to receive our newsletter or any free downloads (with the option to opt out at any time). Your name or any further information is not recorded. Please refer to Mail Chimp’s privacy policy for further information.

Google Analytics – we use Google Analytics with our site to provide information regarding the pages visited by our users, the length of time spent on our site, and the referring websites. No personal information is stored with Google Analytics.

Woo Commerce – we use Woo Commerce to sell our products. When you purchase a product through our site, your email address and purchase information are stored in Woo Commerce. This information is only used for further communication regarding the product you purchased.

We will never distribute or reveal your information without your consent, unless required by law.

Information Visible to All

If you comment using a social media or personal profile, it may be visible to all of our readers. Your profile picture, name, and/or link to your site may be available to those who see your comment. We will never distribute this information.


Runnin’ for Sweets uses cookies to ensure you are not repeatedly shown the same pop-ups. Cookies are used by some of our third-party servers, such as Google Analytics as well.

You may prevent the use of cookies at any time by denying the setting in your browser, and/or deleting them in your history. If you choose to deny cookie access in your browser, some portions of our website may not be function as well or be available for you.

Display Ads

Runnin’ for Sweets uses third-party advertising to provide advertisements for you when you visit our site. These advertisers may use cookies in the manner stated above. Please check out if you would like to learn about opting out of this type of data collection.

Affiliate Program Participation

Runnin’ for Sweets promotes some affiliate marketing, primarily Amazon, on our site. This is done by embedding tracking links into our content and images in some articles/pages on our site. If you click our affiliate links, a cookie will be placed in your browser in order to track purchases that serve towards our commission.


You have the option of subscribing to our newsletter. When you subscribe, we collect your email address for the purpose of sending regular newsletters. Our newsletters, sent through Mail Chimp, contain tracking elements that allow us to tell whether or not you have opened our email or clicked on any links. This allows us to determine what information is most helpful, and further personalize our newsletters. This information is never shared.

Our emails always have an unsubscribe option. At any time you may subscribe from our mailing list, removing your email address from our system.

Free Downloads

You may choose to download any of our free training plans or fitness PDFs. When you download a freebie, your email address is added to our server in Mail Chimp. Your name or any other personal information is never recorded. You have the option to opt out of any free download email by unsubscribing at the bottom of the email.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at for questions related to this Privacy Policy.