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12 Running Calendars to Find Your Next Race

Running calendars are a useful tool for runners of all abilities, ages and locations. These race calendars provide a comprehensive list of upcoming races that can be filtered based on date, location or distance.

When you’re searching for your next goal race, running calendars provide a list of options from which to choose. If you don’t have a particular race in mind, getting started in your search can feel a bit overwhelming. Race calendars help narrow down the options and ensure you don’t miss anything worth checking out.

What is the best running calendar site?

There are quite a few running calendars available online, but the best one will depend on your running goals and timing.

Many states and local running clubs have their own race calendars online, which can be helpful if you’re looking for a race in a specific destination. However, if you’re simply hoping to find the best race at a certain time of year, and are willing to travel, there are plenty of running calendars available.

Which race calendar to use?

The specific race calendar you should use will depend on your location, distance and seasonal preference. However, if you’re just beginning your search for a goal race and want to keep your options open to find the best race, any of these running calendars will meet your goals.

Use these running calendars to help select your next goal race. Filter these calendars based on distance, date, location, terrain and more!

The 12 Best Running Calendars

Here are the best running calendars available for free, online. These race calendars can all be organized based on location, dates or distance. Whether you are looking for a race at a specific time of year, in a certain location, or one of a specific distance – you’ll find it here.

Running in the USA

Running in the USA boasts that it’s the largest online directory of races and clubs – and it sure appears that way. The calendar lists races from all across the United States, and can be filtered based on date, location, distance and type of terrain.


RunGuides allows you to search for races, clubs and events within North America based on state or specific location. You have the option to search based on city, or simply clicking on a state of your choosing.


ATRA stands for the American Trail Runner Association and provides a running calendar of trail races throughout the United States. The calendar lists races based on date, but can be filtered based on the specific type of trail race: beach, cross country, hill climb, obstacle, etc.

Race Calendar Running

The Race Calendar Running Directory features more than 10,000 races and events worldwide. You can search by clicking on the continent of your choosing or by selecting a month and filtering results within that time frame.

HalfMarathons.Net is a one stop shop for anyone looking for their next half marathon. Not only does this site provide an extensive running calendar of half marathons, but it is also packed with articles that provide a deep dive into specific, popular destination races.

Ultra Running

The Ultra Running Calendar provides a comprehensive list of ultra races throughout the world. The race calendar can be filtered based on date, distance, elevation, surface type, course type and cutoff type.

Road Race Runner

Road Race Runner considers themselves “the American Running Calendar”, and provides a comprehensive list of 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon and fun run events in the USA. Find a race by state, check out their featured races, or browse any of the recent articles to get inspired.

Vacation Races

Vacation Races provides a running calendar for all National Park half marathons, ultra marathons, trail running adventures and extended running adventures. Browse based on races or check out their blog for featured races and inspiration.


Raceplace provides a running calendar of more than 20,000 endurance events. Browse the calendar based on date, or search for events in a specific location. You’ll find a variety of distance options, race themes and locations in this calendar.


RaceRaves is not just a running calendar, it’s also a place to go to get the inside scoop on races throughout the world based on reviews written by fellow runners. Search for races throughout the world or browse reviews to find your next goal race.

Marathon Guide

Marathon Guide has different running calendars for the US/Canada and international marathons, as well as a map to guide your selection or the ability to search. Check out their homepage for recent news and updates from popular marathons.

Find My Marathon

FindMyMarathon is a running calendar that provides helpful details for each of its listed races – such as elevation profile and overall finishers.

If you already have a distance or terrain preference, here is a helpful breakdown of each of these running calendars to help narrow your search.

Half Marathon Calendars

Marathon Race Calendars

Trail Running Calendar

Ultrarunning Calendar

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