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14 Ways Running is Like a Long Term Relationship

In the spirit of Valentine’s day next week, I’ve been thinking about how fortunate I am to have some amazing, loving relationships. I truly believe that my husband, family and friends are some of the absolute best people in the world. While many people think Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday, I think it is great to dedicate a day to show appreciation to the ones we love.

While I am eternally grateful for the ones I love, I am also grateful for some of the things I love in my life. Music, snow, writing, and ice cream to name a few. But most importantly… running. Running is something for which I will always be grateful, but this holiday of love has me feeling especially reflective. As I reflect on the many ways running has changed my life for the better, I can’t help but think through some of the struggles it has brought as well.

Here are 14 ways running is like a long term relationship.

My reflection brought up many running memories; some of the toughest and many of the best. As I reflected on some memories, I couldn’t help but think that it sounded as if I was reflecting on a relationship with a person. As running has been in my life longer than a single job and many friendships, it has gotten me through many life changes.

Running is like a long term relationship in my life. Through many years, running has been there to challenge me, accept me, and teach me. Running has been like a friendship to me throughout the years, and I had to laugh at how interchangeable running was for spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend:).

Running Humor: 14 Ways Running is Like a Long Term Relationship

14 Ways Running is Like a Long Term Relationship

  1. There are many aspects of running that are quite frustrating (like terrible weather, expensive shoes, and slow syncing watches), but you put up with them because it’s worth it.
  2. Running is there for you through some of the lowest points in your life.
  3. On days that are especially terrible, you can’t help but focus all your anger on your run.
  4. Running is one thing in your life that has remained consistent, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
  5. Your best vacations and trips all happen when you bring running along with you.
  6. Some days you have a terrible run and tell yourself you’ll never run again; until a few days later when you realize that you miss it and can’t stay away for long.
  7. Running has given you some of the biggest highs in your life.
  8. You dedicate pretty much all of your free time to running.
  9. Some people don’t understand why you keep running when it brings so many challenges, but you know it’s worth it.
  10. If you cheat just for one day by eating terribly or skipping your workout, running can fall apart.
  11. Running is your go to excuse for not being able to go out or stay up late.
  12. Each run is full of different uphills and downhills that keep it exciting and always interesting.
  13. Running has taught you more about yourself than you could have learned on your own.
  14. You can always count on running to cheer you up when you are feeling down.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to spend some quality time with your love, running:)

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