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22 Best Running Podcasts: Inspiration, Entertainment & Information

Finding a good running podcast will not only help your run go by faster, but will keep you entertained and inspired to pursue your goals. The trouble is – there are so many running podcasts out there that it can be tough to find the right one.

Maybe you’ve listened to a few and not found your groove, or are just too overwhelmed to look. After running alone for weeks or months on end, you might have forgotten that there doesn’t have to be silence.

What podcast should I listen to while running?

One of the most popular things to listen to while running are podcasts. With so many options to choose from, it’s true that there really is something for everybody. However, finding the best running podcasts likely involves more time than most runners have to spare.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and narrowed it down to the 22 best running podcasts of the year. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, all relating to running in some way. Each podcast serves to inspire and educate, while keeping runners entertained on the go.

If you’re looking for the best podcasts to run to, there’s bound to be something in this list for you. With everything from trail running podcasts, to funny, informative, and motivating podcasts, there is something here for everyone.

22 Best Running Podcasts

Check the 22 top running podcasts! These podcasts are packed with inspiration, tips, advice, stories and comedy. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the sport, explore the nitty gritty details, or simply stay entertained and inspired on the run – these are the running podcasts for you.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Hosted by Rich Roll, an ultra and endurance athlete, who is also a bestselling author and wellness advocate. On his podcast, he dives into thought-provoking topics that are meant to inspire and educate runners, athletes and health enthusiasts alike. With episodes of 1+ hour, this is a great podcast to listen to during long runs.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

In her podcast, Lindsey Hein interviews all types of runners: from the everyday runner, to elites, Olympians, World Record Holders and anyone in between. This podcast is a place for serious conversations while still remaining light-hearted and fun – leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired on the run.

Running for Real with Tina Muir

Tina Muir, a former professional runner and lifelong athlete, hosts this podcast as a place to discuss running events and activities in a way that relates to all types of runners. Her discussions serve to inspire runners to strive for their goals, stay motivated and not give up. Running for Real celebrates different cultures and communities, demonstrating how running can unite us all.

Six Minute Mile Podcast

The Six Minute Mile podcast provides versatile content, with a mix of news, ideas, deals and motivating stories. The episodes are geared towards athletes of all kind, with a special emphasis on running and endurance activities. This lighthearted podcast is a great way to keep your mind fresh and entertained on a run.

The Morning Shakeout Podcast

Hosted by Mario Fraioli, the Morning Shakeout Podcast is a place where top athletes, coaches and other well-known runners share their stories to inspire and educate others. This is a place where many top personalities get real about their values, struggles, tips and successes in both running and life.

Ali on the Run Show

The Ali on the Run Show is the perfect place to get inspired and refreshed. Hosted by Ali Feller, this podcast shares insight and stories from interesting runners and athletes alike. With a fresh and light-hearted dialogue, deep conversations about life-altering decisions serve to motivate others.

Nike Trained

Nike’s Trained podcast looks at running and other athletics from various different angles. Runners, psychologists, researchers, coaches, trainers, physicians and more are interviewed to share some very powerful lessons in fitness. With a focus on mindset, movement, nutrition, sleep and recovery, you’ll learn useful tips and lessons to improve your running in multiple facets.

Citius Mag Podcast with Chris Chavez

Hosted by Chris Chavez, this podcast from hosts interviews with track and field stars every single week. The conversations range from those with coaches, athletes, writers and other top personalities in the running scene. This podcast is packed with laid-back, light hearted conversation that will inspire and educate.

Trail Runner Nation

This is the best podcast for all things trail running. Trail Runner Nation shares knowledge, tips and inspiration for trail runners of any kind – whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro. Each episode shares versatile stories and advice surrounding topics like mental focus, pacing, race nutrition and so much more.

Science of Ultra

The Science of Ultra Podcast, or SOUP, is dedicated to endurance runners. Each episode covers different topics surrounding ultra running, providing inspiration and advice for those in it for the long haul. Interviews with various athletes, coaches and top running figures share how eating, sleeping, thinking and training can all play a role on the run.

Marathon Training Academy

Whether you’re training for your very first marathon or are a seasoned marathoner, this podcast is a great source of inspiration and insight. Running coach Angie Spencer is joined by her husband Trevor to host this incredible podcast. Each episode brings new tips, insight, and inspiration for those training to conquer the marathon distance. This is one of the best running podcasts to listen to during long runs.

Running Commentary

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, funny running podcast to keep you entertained during even the toughest workouts – this one is for you. Hosted by comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering, the Running Commentary podcast is filled with entertaining running conversation.

Social Sport

This podcast is geared toward athletes of all kinds, including runners. Host Emma Zimmerman features conversations with endurance athletes across many different backgrounds and cultures who are motivated to support social change. These athletes speak on topics such as climate change, inclusivity in sports, mental health and more. This is a great podcast for inspiration and motivation to take part in a positive movement.

Ten Junk Miles

Ten Junk Miles is hosted by Scotty Kummer, an attorney who is also an endurance athlete. The podcast is broken down into ten segments – one for each mile on the run. Each segment is about 10 minutes, after which a new topic is discussed. Runners of all kinds are interviewed, creating relatable content that is fun and light-hearted enough to keep you entertained while running.

Endurance Planet

This podcast is a great place for endurance athletes of all kinds – runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and more. Each episode covers a variety of topics, providing versatile insight as to how health and lifestyle play a role in endurance athletics. You’ll hear tips, tricks, stories, insight and inspiration in each episode.

Diz Runs Radio: Running, Life & Everything In Between

Diz Runs, hosted by Denny Krahe, serves to emulate the conversations that would take place if you were running with a friend. Each episode covers a variety of topics, as the conversation flows easily and freely. You’ll be inspired and entertained with each episode of this podcast while running.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

If you’re hoping to hear fresh ideas, valuable insight and professional tips that are fitness related, this is the podcast for you. The Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast shares cutting-edge health advice based on the latest research, interviews with medical professionals, and so much more. Episode topics range from straightforward fitness tips to nutrition insight, biohacking, anti-aging tricks and more.

The Pyllars Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Hosted by professional ultrarunner Dylan Bowman, the Pyllars Podcast is a place for all things ultrarunning. This podcast features a wide variety of guests that cover topics in ultrarunning, as well as the business of running, sports culture and the outdoor industry. You’ll gain beneficial insight, tips and inspiration for the run.

C Tolle Run

This podcast is hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson, and features various celebrities and famous personalities in the running field. Each episode focuses on living a balanced, healthy lifestyle as a runner. You’ll find running tips, fitness advice, and wholesome, healthy living suggestions in each episode.

The Rambling Runner Podcast

Hosted by Matt Chittim, this podcast is perfect for beginner and midpack runners. Each episode features different amateur runners who share their successes, struggles and efforts as they work to improve and reach goals. This podcast is relatable, inspiring and a great source of entertainment during any training run.


While not specifically running oriented, the Hurdle podcast is a great source of inspiration for those with a healthy, fitness mindset. Emily Abbate hosts three times a week, sharing inspiring stories from individuals who have overcome some of the toughest challenges and celebrated some of the biggest wins. Each episode will inspire you to follow your passions, and perhaps give you a little more motivation to conquer those running goals.

Not Your Average Runner

Not Your Average Runner is a great place for plus-size women, or those who are unsure where they fit in the running community. Each episode is hosted by Jill Angie, a certified running and life coach, who shares her wisdom and knowledge to help others find joy and purpose. This podcast will help you learn to love and enjoy running no matter your size or age.

Check out the best running podcasts! Whether you're hoping to stay inspired or gain insight, these are great to listen to while running.

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, checking out these top running podcasts is a great place to start. If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of choices, it might be helpful to find the particular style of podcast you are looking from, and go from there.

Below is a list of the 22 best running podcasts, broken down into various different categories. Each podcast serves to educate, inspire, or entertain. Here are the podcasts categorized by different themes.

Top Running Podcast Categories

Browse the podcasts in their various categories: beginners, trail running, motivation, endurance/ultra, funny and informative.

Running Podcasts for Beginners

  • Marathon Training Academy
  • Ten Junk Miles
  • Diz Runs Radio: Running, Life & Everything In Between
  • C Tolle Run
  • The Rambling Runner Podcast
  • Not Your Average Runner

Trail Running Podcasts

  • Trail Runner Nation
  • Endurance Planet

Running Motivation Podcasts

  • The Rich Roll Podcast
  • I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein
  • Running for Real with Tina Muir
  • Six Minute Mile Podcast
  • The Morning Shakeout Podcast
  • Ali on the Run Show
  • Science of Ultra
  • Running Commentary
  • Ten Junk Miles
  • Diz Runs Radio: Running, Life & Everything In Between
  • C Tolle Run
  • Hurdle

Endurance & Ultra Running Podcasts

  • The Rich Roll Podcast
  • Science of Ultra
  • Endurance Planet
  • The Pyllars Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Funny Running Podcasts

  • Six Minute Mile Podcast
  • Ali on the Run Show
  • Running Commentary

Informative Running Podcasts

  • Six Minute Mile Podcast
  • The Morning Shakeout Podcast
  • Nike Trained
  • Citius Mag Podcast with Chris Chavez
  • Trail Runner Nation
  • Marathon Training Academy
  • Social Sport
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness
  • Hurdle

Listening to a podcast while running is a great way to stay motivated and engaged during even the toughest run. These podcasts will continue to inform, inspire and entertain in the weeks and months to come. Try them out during your next run!

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