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10 Best Running Subscription Boxes of 2022

Running subscription boxes provide an excellent opportunity to send some joy to yourself or any other fellow runners. There’s nothing better than having a box delivered right to your door that’s packed with gear, gadgets and fuel for your favorite hobby.

While the act of running may be fairly simplistic, the sport itself requires a surprising number of extra accessories. These monthly running boxes are the perfect way to stay up to date with the newest running gadgets and fuel for every training season.

The Best Running Subscription Boxes of 2022

With so many options, it’s easy to find the best subscription box for your unique running needs and training style. We’ve narrowed down the list to the 10 best running subscription boxes of 2022.

Click on each brand to jump to its description and learn more about their monthly running box options.

Just about every runner would love each of these monthly boxes, and for good reason: they’re packed full of useful, practical, and unique running gadgets.

What are running subscription boxes?

Runner subscription boxes are a package that is delivered to your door at a set frequency throughout the year – most often its once a month – and are packed with running accessories.

These monthly boxes contain a variety of goodies, with everything from different sources of fuel for your run (Shot Bloks, Gu, Clif bars) to recovery tools, socks, headlamps, compression sleeves, muscle rubs and so much more.

Brotein Box

>>Protein Packed Snacks to Refuel and Build Muscle

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Monthly price: $42.99/box
  • 3 months paid: $125 ($41.67/box)
  • 6 months paid: $240 ($40/box)

This running subscription box is perfect for long distance runners or those looking to build muscle. Each box is packed with delicious, high quality snacks that provide plenty of protein in each bite.

These snacks with help enhance your training to keep you fueled after many miles or workouts. Some examples of snacks you might find in this monthly running box are Quest Protein Cookies, Whey Protein Bars, meat sticks, protein chips, protein snack spreads and more.


>>Trail Running & Outdoor Gadgets, Clothes and Fuel

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Monthly price: $29.95/box
  • 6 months paid: $28.25/box
  • 12 months paid: $27.45/box

This running subscription box is perfect for trail runners or runners who love to be outdoors. While the boxes are priced on the higher end, they deliver high quality, practical items each month.

Each box is packed with a mix of fuel, snacks, gear and gadgets to use outdoors on the move. Examples of items you might find in a Cairn subscription box are flashlights, insoles, water bottles, backpacks, hydration vests, outer layers and so much more.

Fun Run Box

>>Monthly Running Challenges and Swag

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Monthly price: $36.99/box
  • 3 Months paid: $34.99/box
  • 6 Months paid: $33.29/box
  • 12 Months paid: $29.59/box

This running subscription box is a perfect way to stay motivated and active each month! Every box contains a unique running challenge to keep you motivated.

You’ll find a shirt and bib to wear during your challenge, along with accessories to help you during training and on race day. Examples of some running swag you might find in your box include gels, water bottles, muscle rubs and more.

Fit Snack Box

>>Workout Ideas and a Variety of Healthy Snacks

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Individual price: $28.90/box
  • 3 months paid: $27.90/box
  • 6 months paid: $26.90/box
  • 12 months paid: $25.90/box

This running subscription box is perfect for any health-conscious athlete. Each box contains a workout idea, as well as a plethora of healthy snacks to keep you fueled all month. Their snacks are specifically chosen to provide high quality, delicious nutrients without any added junk.

Some examples of what you might find in your monthly box are healthy chips, nutritious drinks, snack bars, granola and other innovative snacks.


>>Recovery Tools, Injury Prevention and Fuel

  • Frequency: every 3 months (January, April, July, October)
  • Individual price: $49.99/box
  • 12 months paid: $44.99/box
  • Seasonal box: $59.99
  • Mini box: $20

This running subscription box is packed with gear and fuel to help you stay strong and injury free during training. While the boxes are a bit higher priced, you’ll receive high-quality, name brand gadgets and fuel sources with each delivery.

Some examples of items you might find in your Ready.Set.MOVE box are BioFreeze, KT Tape, Nathan water bottles, Brooks swag, Kind Bars, Honey Stinger waffles, Nuun and more.


>>Running Apparel, Nutrition, Skin Care and Gear for Training

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Monthly price: $44.95/box
  • 3 months paid: $131.85 ($43.95/box)
  • 6 months paid: $251.70 ($41.95/box)

This running subscription box, or your “run locker” is packed with a mix of everything you’ll need to support your training. Each box contains some running apparel, fueling options, skin care and unique gear.

Some examples of what you might find in your monthly run locker are compression sleeves, lock laces, Bonk Bars, Picky Bars, chapstick, body glides, fuel belts and more.

Runner Crate

>>Monthly Running Challenges with Bling, Snacks and Gear

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Monthly price: $49.99

This running subscription box is personalized based on a few questions you’ll answer when you sign up for the subscription. After signing up, you’ll receive a monthly running challenge right to your door to help you stay motivated.

The challenge is accompanied by some unique bling to wear after completion. In addition, you’ll receive some snacks for training, fuel for your run and gear to help you stay on top of your game.

The Runner Box

>>Running Accessories and Healthy Snacks

  • Frequency: every other month
  • Individual price: $29/box
  • 6 months paid: $27/box
  • 12 months paid: $25/box

This running subscription box is shipped every other month and packed with some healthy, unique snacks along with unique running accessories to enhance your training. The contents of each box are announced ahead of time, so you’ll know exactly what will be arriving at your door.

Their currently box includes an oatmeal cup, compression sleeves, electrolyte drink packets, veggie sticks, energy chews, a neck gaiter, a vegan cookie, an energy bar, energy powder and peanut butter powder.

Stance Socks

>>High Quality Socks in the Quantity of Your Choice

  • Frequency: monthly or quarterly
  • 2 pairs: $19
  • 3 pairs: $27
  • 4 pairs: $36

This running subscription box personalizes each box to you based on a few questions you fill out when completing your subscription. Runners are always in need of high quality socks to keep their feet fresh and healthy during all of their training.

You’ll be able to choose the number of socks delivered to you and the frequency, making this subscription service easily adaptable to your changing needs.


>>Budget Friendly Delivery of Running Gear and Accessories

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Monthly Price: $19.95

This running subscription box provides a lot of value for a very reasonable price. It’s a great option for new runners or those looking for some monthly motivation to keep their training exciting. Each box contains a few running accessories as well as a variety of different snacks and fuel sources.

Some examples of what you might find in this running box are unique water bottles, Huma gels, electrolyte drink tabs, chia seeds, granola and face wipes.

These subscription boxes for runners are a perfect source of motivation for any training season! The quantity and quality of goods you receive in each box well outweighs the price of the subscription.

Rather than purchasing gear, gadgets or fuel individually, a great way to save time and money is to receive them delivered to your door on a regular basis. As a bonus, you’ll stay motivated and excited during even the most trying time in your training.

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