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Hello friends, happy October!

I woke up yesterday morning excited to start off the first week of October. I couldn’t wait to get cracking on my new system for writing to do lists, head out for a run, start a new book, and get some chores accomplished around the house. The weather was finally cooling off at night and it was finally starting to feel like fall.

I spent some time reading and planning for the day, and then picked up my phone to get some things ready to blog.

And suddenly, none of that mattered at all.

My heart breaks for all of the individuals affected by the tragedies that took place this weekend. From Edmonton to Las Vegas, my thoughts and prayers are with you. To all of those grieving the horrific events on Sunday – the friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, cousins, grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers, children, boyfriends, girlfriends – my heart is with you during this time. We are all grieving with you, praying for you, running for you, sending you strength, hoping for peace, and sharing our love with you.

It’s hard to imagine what it is going to take for us to really wake up and realize that something drastic needs to change in this world. In a world with 7.6 billion people, how is it possible that so many of us feel alone?

We need to shift our focus to the big picture. Leave our fast paced society at the door and really slow it down to focus on what matters. Spread kindness. Share our joy. Be slow to anger and slow to judge others. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

I try to remind myself when I meet complete strangers throughout my day that I have no idea what they are going through. This could be the best day of their lives, or it could be the worst, and I may never know. My rude comment to them may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, or my smile as I hold open the door could be the moment that makes their day worth living.

We have no idea what burden someone else may be carrying, but we can do our best to make sure we do not add to it. It may mean that we need to be more patient, it may mean that we need to fake a smile when really we are feeling irritated, or it may mean that we need to have a pointless conversation about something which we do not care.

These horrific tragedies on Sunday took the lives of so many innocent people. People who were out living their lives to the fullest, spending a Sunday night at a concert which they had probably been looking forward to for months. The horrifying truth about the world which we live in is that one man was able to take that away from so many.

It breaks my heart that one person could ever get to the point that they have so much anger and hatred in their hearts that they could do this to another person, let alone 50. We need to put an end to this violence, this hatred, this rage that is growing so rapidly in our society.

Spread kindness. Offer to help. Share a smile. Have a conversation. Spread your joy.

We are all praying for you and stand with you during this tragedy, Las Vegas. We share in your hope for peace, provide you the strength to recover, and unite in love for those whom you have lost.

Pray for peace.Las Vegas

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