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30+ Stocking Stuffers for Runners: Small Running Gifts Under $20

These running stocking stuffers are perfect for any runner in your life. With unique gifts for runners who have everything, to small gift ideas under $20, you’re bound to find an idea that your runner will love.

Selecting stocking fillers for runners can be tricky if you’re not a runner yourself. And even if you are, finding something unique and useful that is also inexpensive usually presents a challenge.

This list is packed full of the best small running gifts in 2024! Check out 8 small stocking stuffers, 12 running stocking stuffers under $20, and 11 unique gifts for runners who have everything.

30+ Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Check out 31 small gift ideas for runners! Fill their stockings with useful gifts that will help them enjoy and make the most of their hobby.

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Small Running Stocking Stuffers

These stocking stuffers for runners are not only under $20, but also physically small enough to fit into a small. These gifts make a great addition to any runner’s stocking, and will prove useful as well. Surprise your runner with these thoughtful Christmas gifts this year!

Fuel Belt Water Bottles

These small water bottles are a perfect stocking stuffer for long distance runners. They fit right in most fuel belts so runners can stay hydrated while being hands free!

Running Lights

During the winter especially, many runners find themselves out in the dark. These lights are easy to attach and lightweight, helping runners stay seen on the run without getting in the way.


A buff is a perfect stocking stuffer for runners because it is so versatile. Use it as a headband, face mask or scarf during cold weather runners. You can never have too many!

Running Sunglasses

Sunglasses are necessary at all times of year. These lightweight sunglasses don’t bounce and stay in place. They’re so comfortable to wear that most runners forget they are even there.

Running Gels/Fuel

If you know the type of fuel your runner likes, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Long distance runners can never have too much fuel stored up and ready to go for their long runs. Some shot bloks, gels, Gu, Honey Stinger Waffles and more make a perfect small stocking stuffer.

Running Belt

Just about every runner needs a running belt. These belts help hold fuel, phones, keys and more. If your runner is in need of a new running belt, it is a wonderful stocking filler.


Sweaty runs call for tons of Bodyglide. Nearly all runners have experienced chafing at one point or another and it is never pleasant. Bodyglide makes it easy to avoid chafing and stay comfortable even during the sweatiest run.

Pepper Spray

Safety is a priority for all runners, especially those who run alone. Pepper spray makes a great stocking stuffer for runners. It’s easy to carry on the run and helps runners protect themselves in case of danger.

Running Stocking Stuffers Under $20

The best stocking stuffers for runners are those that are useful but also affordable. These gifts are great add-ons, or thoughtful small gift ideas for loved ones who run.

Running Socks

Runners can never have too many socks! Athletic and running specific socks make a perfect stocking stuffer. Brands like these are comfortable and lightweight to wear with any running shoes.

Looking to ramp up your collection? Try these T3 Arrowool Ankle Socks from WORN!

Car Decal Sticker

If your runner has completed a race of any kind, they’d likely be willing to show it off. Car decal stickers are especially popular for those who have recently completed a goal of some kind. Look for stickers specific to their distance – from 3.1 all the way to 26.2.

Mini Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a must have for all runners – especially before and after a race. However, it can be difficult to pack a full sized foam roller when traveling. These mini foam rollers are perfect to take on the go for a race weekend away.

Water Bottle

Hydration is important for staying healthy before, during and after a run. These water bottles make a great stocking stuffer for runners looking to stay hydrated during training.

Smell Proof Bag

There’s no secret about it – running can be smelly. Storing sweating clothes in the car or a suitcase after traveling for a run can create an odor that’s hard to get rid of. These bags help contain that odor so it stays with the dirty clothes only. They’re perfect for traveling!

Koala Clip

When the only thing necessary for a run is your phone, most runners don’t want to bring an entire fuel belt. Koala Clips are a simple, convenient way to hold your phone on the run. These clips attach to the back of a sports bra or tank top so your phone is always easily accessible, yet you won’t even know it’s there.

>> Check them out here!


Race day can bring some questionable weather. Whether you’re waiting at the start with a strong wind or light rain, these conditions can make things miserable before you even begin. Ponchos are a handy way to keep your body warm and dry as you wait in the corrals, and easy to dispose of once you get going.


Hair accessories make a great stocking stuffer for female runners. Small, comfortable headbands like these are a great way to keep hair in place and out of your face on a run.

How to Make Yourself Poop

This hilarious book from Runner’s World is packed with tips for new and seasoned runners alike. All runners will appreciate the humor on these pages when they need a little motivation to keep going.


Whether your runner recently completed a goal race or has simply been running for fun, they’ll likely appreciate a unique running-themed ornament. These make a perfect stocking stuffer under $20 for any running friend!

Sunblock Stick

Sun protection is crucial for runners, whether it’s winter or summer. These sunblock sticks make applying sunblock quick, mess-free and convenient.

Running Desk Calendar

Runners share a sense of humor when it comes to running. This small desk calendar is a great stocking stuffer to help your runner stay motivated and encouraged throughout the year to come.

Small Gifts for Runners Who Have Everything

If there is a runner in your life, it probably feels like they already have all of the latest running gadgets and gear. However, these running stocking stuffers are a great way to surprise them with something useful that they didn’t know they needed!

Touchscreen Running Gloves

Most runners have a pair of gloves or mittens, but these touchscreen gloves take things to the next level. With these glove, your runner will be able to text and access their phone without having to take their hands out.

Medical Alert Bracelet

Safety is a priority for runners, and this Medical Alert Bracelet helps bring peace of mind to family members and friends. Your runner will be safer when out alone with this bracelet to alert help how to best assist them should they need it.

Ponytail Beanie

Winter can bring some cold weather, but it’s often hard for female runners to find hats that will fit around their hair when it’s up. This beanie is the perfect solution – providing a space for their ponytail to fit through so their ears and head stay warm on the run.

Massage Stick/Massage Ball

Every runner knows how uncomfortable it is to be sore after a hard workout. These massage accessories help runners tackle those knots and tight spots to stay injury free during training.


If your runner lives in an area that experiences winter with snow and ice, Yaktrax make a perfect stocking stuffer. These attach to the bottoms of your shoe to help prevent slipping and sliding on icy terrain.

Training Journal

Many runners follow training plans leading up to their races and there’s no better way to document their workouts and runs for the future than with a training journal.

Lock Laces

If your runner seems to have all the latest gadgets, these lock laces make an excellent stocking stuffer. Runners will love these laces that make slipping on their shoes easier and faster than ever before.

Running Jewelry

One of the best stocking stuffers for female runners is running jewelry. You can’t go wrong with some unique earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets unique to their hobby. These jewelry options are unique and bring plenty of bling in a way that runners will love!

Charcoal Inserts

There’s no secret that running creates some pretty significant smells – especially in the shoes. These charcoal inserts help keep shoes smelling fresh even during the heaviest training weeks.

Foot Massage Roller

One of the best running gifts under $20 is this foot massage roller. Your runner will love being able to roll out their tired feet and help reduce soreness with this self-massager.

Compression Sleeves

A practical stocking stuffer for runners is a pair of compression sleeves! Runners use these on their calves, feet and arms during both races and training. These sleeves promote blood flow to the targeted area to help reduce swelling and soreness from running.

With a little thought and creativity, you’re bound to find the perfect running stocking stuffers this year. Surprise the runner in your life with some unique gifts that they can use and enjoy on the run.

Small running gifts don’t have to cost a lot to be meaningful. Your runner will appreciate all the time and effort you put into finding the perfect stocking stuffers for them this year.

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Running Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for 2024

Here is a breakdown of all of the best stocking stuffers for runners! Shop this guide to find useful, desired small running gifts that are under $20. Any runner will love these ideas!

These stocking stuffers are perfect for runners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Whether you know a brand-new runner who is really excited about the sport, or a seasoned runner who thinks of it as part of their identity – finding a few small running gifts will show them how much you care and support them. Try some or all of these ideas this season!

More small gift ideas for runners:

Check out 30+ stocking stuffers for runners! These ideas make excellent small gifts for runners. With gifts under $10 and under $20, you’ll find the perfect running gift without breaking the bank. #giftsforrunners #stockingstuffers #runningstockingstuffers
Check out 30+ stocking stuffers for runners! These ideas make excellent small gifts for runners. With gifts under $10 and under $20, you’ll find the perfect running gift without breaking the bank. #giftsforrunners #stockingstuffers #runningstockingstuffers
Check out 30+ stocking stuffers for runners! These ideas make excellent small gifts for runners. With gifts under $10 and under $20, you’ll find the perfect running gift without breaking the bank. #giftsforrunners #stockingstuffers #runningstockingstuffers