Best HIIT Moves for Runners

The Best HIIT Moves for Runners

As the year begins, I love sitting down and planning out my races, runs, fitness goals, and workouts for the year. Looking at the big picture really helps me see when there are gaps in my training. It's easy to tell what months will be running intensive, and which months will need a little beefing … Continue reading The Best HIIT Moves for Runners

15 Minute Complete Core Workout

Happy Wednesday! It's really unbelievable that there's only one Wednesday left of 2017. Is it just me or does it feel like this year just started?! As it gets colder outside I start focusing more on strength workouts rather than cardio sessions. I love taking advantage of the cold months and using this time to … Continue reading 15 Minute Complete Core Workout

Black Friday Workout HIIT Squats

Black Friday Workout

My excitement for the holidays continues to grow as we get closer and closer to the last few weeks of the year. All the upcoming celebrations, joy, family time, and feasts make it hard to not be in good spirits. However, all of those family get togethers and holiday treats sure make it hard to … Continue reading Black Friday Workout