Tips to Build a Solid Running Base

How to Build a Solid Running Base

Winter is in full swing here in Michigan, which means freezing temperatures, snow up to our knees, and lots of wind. Even though the elements can certainly be tough, I am a huge advocate of running through the winter. However, despite my best efforts (and failed attempts), I know that winter is not the ideal time … Continue reading How to Build a Solid Running Base

30 Day plank challenge December

December 30 Day Plank Challenge

As the holidays approach and cold weather looms on the horizon, I know that my workout motivation will begin to slowly decrease. The family activities, parties, holiday shopping, and movies seem much more appealing than heading outside in the dark, cold air to workout. I've found that the best way to manage my lessening motivation … Continue reading December 30 Day Plank Challenge

November Fitness Challenge HIIT Workouts

At Home Thanksgiving Workout

Happy Wednesday! Things are finally starting to settle down after the marathon and I'm really looking forward to getting back to some cross training. It's time to getting in the swing of things with these Wednesday workouts, and what better timing than before the holidays? I love getting a really great workout in leading up … Continue reading At Home Thanksgiving Workout

Daily, Effective Strength Moves to Improve Running

Quick and Easy Strength Moves to Improve Your Running

When I first began running, I did just that: started running. I created a schedule for myself where I ran around my neighborhood most days, with a few rest days thrown in between. When I finished my runs, I would come home and reward myself by basking in the post-run endorphin high. I'd treat myself … Continue reading Quick and Easy Strength Moves to Improve Your Running

Cross Training Alphabet Workout

Happy Wednesday! I've been trying (and not so much succeeding) to mix it up lately for my cross training workouts, but always seem to wind up doing the same few things. This week I decided to take the control out of my hands and create an alphabet workout! I love doing these types of workouts … Continue reading Cross Training Alphabet Workout

Spread Kindness

Hello friends, happy October! I woke up yesterday morning excited to start off the first week of October. I couldn't wait to get cracking on my new system for writing to do lists, head out for a run, start a new book, and get some chores accomplished around the house. The weather was finally cooling … Continue reading Spread Kindness