Elliptical workouts for runners

30 & 45 Minute Elliptical Workouts

The challenge to remain consistent with workouts is amplified by a thousand in the winter. Or at least that's what it feels like. As a runner, one of my favorite things about the sport is the fact that it allows me to experience the outdoors each day. I love seeing all the seasons, experiencing different … Continue reading 30 & 45 Minute Elliptical Workouts

Recover from NYC Marathon

November Fitness Challenge Check In: Week 1 + 2

How is it possible that 11 days of November have already passed? Each new month seems to fly by quicker than the previous one! This month started out with a bang on our trip to New York City, and this past week has been spent playing catch up and trying to get myself back on … Continue reading November Fitness Challenge Check In: Week 1 + 2

November Fitness Challenge

30 Day November Fitness Challenge

These last two months of the year are arguably the hardest months to maintain fitness and not gain weight. With all of the holidays approaching, it seems each day there is a new celebration. These celebrations bring some of the best treats of the year - and some of the hardest to pass up. I … Continue reading 30 Day November Fitness Challenge

Cross Training Alphabet Workout

Happy Wednesday! I've been trying (and not so much succeeding) to mix it up lately for my cross training workouts, but always seem to wind up doing the same few things. This week I decided to take the control out of my hands and create an alphabet workout! I love doing these types of workouts … Continue reading Cross Training Alphabet Workout