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Hello everyone! Long time no talk. I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already – this long weekend went by faster than ever before. I can’t believe there are now only three weekends until Christmas. It has been absolutely wonderful to spend time with family and relax this weekend, but I have been sick which definitely put a damper on things.

Since I just started a new training plan I really did not want to miss any of the short runs on it right off the bat, because I always find that once I start shortening them or skipping them it’s easier for me to lose motivation and continue skipping runs when I have no reason to.

Back up to one week ago, last weekend. We got our first snow of the year in West Michigan! I absolutely love snow and am always so excited to get outside in it, especially at the beginning of the season. I decided to head outside right in the middle of the heavy snow for 5 miles. Running while it’s snowing has never bothered me, but the past few winters I found myself running on trails surrounded by trees and nicely sheltered from the elements. Since we moved in the summer, this will be my first winter running at our new house, out in the country along the fields. Heading out, away from our house was no issue for me. The views were awesome and I could see the snow accumulating slowly on the grass beside me. As soon as I turned around it was an entirely different story. I was now running straight into the wind (turns out that’s why the first half of my run was so easy, the wind was helping me along nicely;) and the snow had intensified. This was the kind of snow that’s really small and right on the brink between rain/hail and snow. The flakes were very hard and small, and the wind was pelting them into my face. The wind never seemed to let up and the snow became harder and harder. I tried to run back through this for about a mile, but finally gave up and called my fiance to come pick me up. I have never experienced anything like this before, but I guess this is my welcome to country running. I now know that even when it’s not that cold I will need to make sure I have a scarf and something to cover my face. It was so defeating to give up early and made me feel so wimpy not to finish, especially considering I only had 1.5 miles left.

Now however, I think I’ve learned my lesson. This run left me cold and frozen for the rest of the day, and two days later I started to get a little sick. As soon as we were done with our half day of school on Wednesday it really kicked in and I have been sick for all of break! I guess sometimes we are not as hardcore as we think and it is okay to do what’s best for your body, even when that is not what your mind wants. I’ve done two runs since I’ve been sick this weekend – short 3 and 4 milers. When I am coming off of a cold I’ve always found that fresh air and exercise (in small amounts) helps heal the best. I ran these runs slowly but it sure was nice to get out there! Next week is the last week of the slow pre-training runs I wrote in to my training plan, and then the true cross training and longer runs will begin. I am hoping to enter this phase of training healthy and rested, so I can give it my all for the 12 weeks of training.

Friday I had the joy of experiencing ‘tea’ for the first time. I went to tea with my future mother-in-law and it was such a fun outing! I had no idea what to expect but it was awesome. The table was filled with mini treats for everyone. There was one of each of the different treats for all of us to try. There were three plates in the middle, one of mini sandwiches, one of macaroons, and one of mini desserts. The desserts were of course the best! I will definitely be returning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and has gotten to enjoy time with family and friends, and time away from work. From here it is just a short stretch before the holidays, which often is the busiest and most stressful time of the year. Hopefully you can take some time to enjoy and experience all the joy that comes from this season! Happy Thanksgiving!


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