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3 Treadmill Workouts for Beginners + Beginner HIIT Treadmill Tips

Whether you’re new to the treadmill or running itself, finding an effective treadmill workout for beginners is key for enjoying your run. The treadmill brings a different set of challenges than road running, and presents a unique mental obstacle.

The right beginner treadmill workout can keep your mind engaged, make time fly by, and help you effectively lose weight or gain fitness. Here is everything you need to know about the treadmill for beginners: from treadmill speeds to weight loss, HIIT and more.

What’s a good treadmill workout for beginners?

A good treadmill workout for beginners has a balance of challenge and comfort. It’s important that the workout isn’t so challenging that you want to give up, but is still challenging enough that it helps you build fitness.

Depending on your goals and fitness level, beginners can benefit from a variety of workouts. These 3 beginner treadmill workouts have something for everyone: those just getting started, wanting to lose weight, or ready for HIIT on the run.

3 Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

If you’re a new runner or just new to the treadmill, these beginner treadmill workouts are a great place to start. Try one or all three of the workouts below!

Basic 30 Minute Treadmill Workout for Beginners

  • Warm Up: 5 minute walk
  • Run: 2 minutes
  • Walk: 3 minutes
  • Run: 3 minutes
  • Walk: 2 minutes
  • Run: 4 minutes
  • Walk: 1 minute
  • Run: 5 minutes
  • Cool Down: 5 minute walk

Suggested Treadmill Speeds for Beginners

Running speed: 4.2 – 5 mph

Walking speed: 2 – 3 mph

This is the perfect treadmill workout for beginners who are brand-new to running or the treadmill. If you struggle to run for long periods of time or are unable to stay motivated on the treadmill, this workout helps you stick it out.

To complete this basic beginner workout, you’ll start by alternating running and walking and gradually increase the running intervals. Try this workout for your first session on the treadmill to build confidence and endurance.

Beginner HIIT Treadmill Workout

  • Warm Up: Walk 2 minutes, easy jog 3 minutes
  • Run: 2 minutes
  • Easy Jog: 3 minutes
  • Run: 3 minutes
  • Easy Jog: 2 minutes
  • Run: 4 minutes
  • Easy Jog: 1 minute
  • Run: 5 minutes
  • Easy Jog: 2 minutes
  • Run: 3 minutes
  • Easy Jog: 3 minutes
  • Run: 2 minutes
  • Cool Down: Walk 5 minutes

Suggested Treadmill Speeds

Running Speed: 5 – 6.5 mph

Easy Jog Speed: 4 – 5 mph

Walking Speed: 2.5 – 3.5 mph

This beginner HIIT treadmill workout is perfect for those who are relatively new to running, but ready to take it to the next level. This treadmill workout is achievable for beginners, but incorporates the challenge of interval training.

You’ll build fitness and endurance quickly as you alternate between running and an easy jog. Beginner HIIT workouts are a great way to pass time quickly and stay engaged on the treadmill.

Treadmill Workout for Overweight Beginners

  • Warm Up: Walk 5 minutes
  • Jog: 2 minutes
  • Walk: 3 minutes
  • Jog: 3 minutes
  • Walk: 5 minutes
  • Jog: 4 minutes
  • Walk: 3 minutes
  • Jog: 5 minutes
  • Walk: 2 minutes
  • Jog: 3 minutes
  • Cool Down: Walk 5 minutes

Suggested Treadmill Speeds for Beginners

Running Speed: 4.2 – 5 mph

Walking Speed: 2 – 3 mph

This treadmill workout is perfect for overweight beginners! These intervals are quick, helping time fly by during your workout. Alternate between jogging and walking to keep your heart rate high and increase weight loss.

You’ll lose weight quickly and gain endurance while remaining confident and in control. If you’re hoping to maximize weight loss and are ready to start running, try the treadmill workout for overweight beginners.

Treadmill Speeds for Beginners

One of the most confusing aspects of the treadmill for beginners is understanding the speed settings. When outdoors, most runners measure their pace in a minutes per mile format: how many minutes it takes them to complete a mile.

However, on the treadmill, pace is measured in miles per hour. This conversion can be tricky to do on the spot and in our heads, which only leads to frustration during a workout. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the treadmill speeds for beginners, converting a minute per mile pace to mph.

These 3 treadmill workouts for beginners are perfect for all abilities! Whether you’re hoping to lose weight or ready for some HIIT workouts to improve fitness, beginner runners will love these treadmill workouts. #treadmillworkouts #beginnertreadmillworkout

>> Find the printable PDF and more treadmill paces here!

After taking the time to find a great treadmill workout for beginners, it can be especially frustrating when things are still feeling tough. Here are a few treadmill tips to help you stay motivated, make time pass quickly, and enjoy your treadmill workout.

3 Tips for an Effective Beginner Treadmill Workout

Start with a slightly slower pace.

If you’re used to running outdoors, you probably have a pretty good idea of your usual running pace. Running on the treadmill presents a very different surface and terrain, which often brings a few challenges as we attempt to maintain the same pace.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed or discouraged during a beginner treadmill workout, start with a slightly slower pace than your outdoor pace. Once your body adjusts to the treadmill, you’ll likely be able to increase the pace to what you had in mind.

Add a small incline.

The treadmill belt is very different than any outdoor surface, no matter how flat and level it may seem outside. To compensate and help minimize the differences, it can be helpful to add a very slight incline.

One of the best strategies on the treadmill for beginners is to add 0.1% incline. This helps avoid shin splints and can mimic outdoor terrain more closely – but is not enough to make the run feel abnormally difficult.

Use intervals to stay engaged.

Treadmill workouts bring more mental challenges than running outdoors. It can feel boring or uninspiring to run in the same place without changing settings for an entire workout. It’s easy to obsess over the time that has passed or feel like the run is never-ending.

To avoid these feelings, try adding some intervals to make the time pass quickly. Something as simple as alternating between running and walking, or trying a Beginner HIIT Treadmill Workout will help avoid obsessing over the time.

These beginner treadmill workouts are a great place to start! Whether you’re overweight or simply new to the treadmill, every beginner can benefit from one of these workouts.

Treadmill running might not feel as inspiring as getting outdoors, but it builds incredible mental strength and physical stamina. Your body and mind will be stronger from each treadmill workout you complete!

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