Tuesday Tangents

Happy 4th of July to all of you celebrating! This is always such a relaxing holiday and a reminder to me that we are well in to the glorious days of summer. This day is one that I like to spend reflecting on how lucky we are to live in a place where we are free to speak our minds, live our own lives, and have so many opportunities. Thank you to all of those who made this life possible.

We will be celebrating tonight with some fireworks up north by the water. We are staying just a few miles down the road from a town where they will be shooting off fireworks on the river.

Last year we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach for the Fourth, and spent the entire night navigating the town to try and find a place to watch fireworks. We eventually finally gave up and headed back to our hotel, only to find out that we had the best view of the fireworks right from our balcony.

We’ve had a busy but relaxing weekend and holiday these past few days. We arrived up north at the house we are staying in for the week on Saturday, and spent the afternoon discovering all the nooks and crannies and walking down to the beach. We are right on Lake Huron just a few miles south of Mackinaw City.

We headed up to Mackinaw City for dinner on Saturday, and I ordered the chicken (like usual), which ended up being literally half of a bird! It was a rotisserie chicken, and it tasted amazing, but I definitely was not expecting it to come out looking like half a bird!


After dinner we walked around town and stumbled upon a laser maze. This was SO COOL. I have never done anything like it before but felt so cool trying to get through it just like a spy. We walked into a room that was filled with laser beams in all sorts of directions, and our job was to make it across the room and touch the light on the wall without breaking lasers. I ended up doing it three times, and the last time my fiance and I made the leader board for the expert level! We ranked eighth out of everyone who has done it (who knows how many people that actually is;) and only broke 7 lasers. I say only because the first time I did it I think we broke almost 20.


We also stumbled across this magnet and I LOVE IT.


Sunday was spent running my long run of 10 miles on the trail across the street with my mom. We ended up getting drenched by a random downpour in the middle of the run, but other than that it stayed dry. The run was a surprisingly great one! It was so nice to get it done for the week and to have some company while doing so.


I found my old Thought Blossom bracelet and made sure to remind myself of this on my first double digit run of marathon training.


I love coming home and relaxing after a long run because I never feel guilty or antsy sitting around. We went into town to grocery shop and then had a fire in the backyard while looking out on the water to end the night.

Monday started out with a 4 mile recovery run on the same trail. It was much cooler this morning which was nice! The run wasn’t too bad, and I actually didn’t feel it in my legs as much as I expected to after a longer run.


After our run we tried to make protein waffles, but that was an epic fail with the waffle maker. We settled for a regular breakfast and then headed out to ride bikes into town to hit up the dive shop and get lunch. We rode about 12 miles total, and boy was my butt sore when we got back! I think my spin bike must have a totally different seat than my outdoor bike, because I sure felt it when I got off. The trail was crushed limestone which gave me a much bigger leg workout than I usually get on the bike.

Today we plan to explore the lake with some kayaks. Our neighbors tell us that there is a small shipwreck just a few miles down the shoreline, and we are eager to check it out to see if we’ll be able to snorkel on it. The water is a chilly 55 degrees, so wet suits will definitely be needed!


I hope everyone celebrating today has a safe and happy holiday. Enjoy the time spent with family and friends! Happy Tuesday 🙂

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