Week 2 Training Recap

Hey all, happy Sunday! Another week has already flown by. We are up north today and will be for the week! We are staying in a house right on Lake Huron and I am SO excited for all the adventures to come this week!

With the end of another week comes the completion of NYC Marathon Training, week 2!

This week started out a little wacky for me since we were coming back from up north, and are back up there again today. I had to switch a few runs around this week but was able to get them all in! Sundays are normally my rest days but today was the only day I could get my long run in, so it was a little different than usual.

Here’s how Week 2 played out for me:

Monday – rest. We spent the day driving back from the Upper Penisula so I had no choice but to start the week off with a rest day (still worth it though:).

Tuesday – strength training (I did same workout as last week). Still feeling pretty good with this workout! I think I will start adding a few more moves and adding reps to each set just to build on it as I start to get stronger. My planks have now been upped to 1 minute and 5 seconds! Not a big change, but it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to do longer than a minute!

Wednesday – 4 miles. This run felt pretty good for the first one back in a few days! It was cloudy and not too hot outside so the weather was perfect. I saw a random dog come running at me halfway so I ended up turning around and going out the other way which I don’t normally do.

Thursday – 5 miles. This run was definitely warmer than the previous day! It was sunny and humid too which slowed me down. Overall not too bad though!

Friday – 30 minute spin. I decided to spin for my cross training this week and wasn’t motivated to do anything for more than half an hour. I did the first 30 minutes of my spin workout!

Saturday – 4 miles. I ran this run with my mom on a trail before we left for up north! I ordered new shoes and got them just in time to try on this run! They are the exact same ones I always by but it’s so great to have fresh shoes in a new color 🙂 The trail was shaded which was awesome, but it was still super humid. We got back and looked like we had been running for days! It’s always so nice to run with someone though, and the time flies by.

Sunday – 10 miles. This was completed up north! There is a trail right across the street from the house where we are staying. This trail stretches for miles; it is crushed limestone so not completely paved but perfect for running! This run was actually way easier than I expected, the first half flew by. It downpoured for a few minutes in the middle of the run but that sure was nice to cool me down!

Well, that completes Week 2 of training, only 18 more to go 😉 this week will have a little rearranging of my long run because I won’t be able to do it on the weekend, but other than that should be pretty normal.

Hope you have a great end to your week, and good luck to anyone else doing there long runs today!

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